Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Travel

There will be very few among us who won’t be interested in traveling and exploring new places and cultures attached to it. The fun gets multiplied when our desired destination gets included in our budget. The article here discusses about some of the cheapest countries that every one of us would love to go with a gang of friends or family. From adventures to cultural sites these places offers their best to their visitors and that too without spending much. Quickly have a glance on the names that have been regarded as the top 10 cheapest countries to travel to.

Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Get through the list of top ten cheapest countries to travel to and plan out a tremendously exciting vacation in one of the mentioned countries.

1. India

India - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

India, a land of multiple cultures and traditions, is the leading country in the list of Top 10 cheapest countries to travel to. Home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation and a region of glorious history, India is the gateway for tourist attraction every year. Spicy flavoured food, beautiful tourist sites, monuments and many more can be enjoyed at an affordable rate, in the peninsular country. Much of Indian architecture including the Taj Mahal and the South Indian Temples are a blend of ancient local traditions with imported style.

2. Brazil

Brazil - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

The largest country in Latin America, Brazil saw 5.1 million visitors in 2010 due to its top tourist attractions which come at a low cost. Places like Rio de Janeiro draws tourists in along with many more things to see here that you may have not thought of. Brazil is a great destination for adventure travel through the Amazon as well as some historic and cultural sites. Regional buses move from city to city making getting around easier.

3. Portugal

Portugal - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Tourism is playing a significant role in the economy of Portugal contributing about 5% of the Gross Domestic Product. In 2006 the country was visited by 12.8 million tourists and the flow continues due to its cheap travel charges. The well connected train lines connect most of the major cities and taxis are much cheaper in cities like Lisbon. Algarve is a city which has beautiful beaches and sun to offer.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri-Lanka - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Sri Lanka is one of the finest Islands in the world which for centuries had been a great sightseeing end. The island offers threefold advantage to its visitors. Apart from serving the genuine Tourism purposes it is a compact island of 65,610 sq km where a tourist can travel the length and breadth of the country without spending much and thirdly the miscellany of the tourism artefact is unparalleled. Sri Lanka provides the sense of being in some different era.

5. Mexico

Mexico - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Fifth in the list of top ten cheapest countries to travel to, Mexico is the right choice mouth watering food and eye catching structural designs.  The most notable attractions are the Meso – American ruins, colonial cities, a volcano in Toluca and especially the white water rafting in Veracruz. The coastlines of Mexico harbour many stretches of beaches that can be frequented by sun bathers and other visitors.

6. Greece

Greece - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Greece has been an attraction for international visitors since antiquity for its rich and long history Mediterranean coastline and beaches. One of the oldest and most established cultures in the world, Greek cities specifically Athens lure tourists in with their ancient ruins, charm, incredible food, and entertainment. The major factor is its low line cost which makes it comfortable for every passerby. Wherever one might go Greece presents some fabulous time exploring it.

7. Morocco

Morocco - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Morocco is a holistic paradise where one can have whale of a time with sand, camel and henna. The key factor for people’s love for the place is that one gets to learn about the culture, see some incredible sites, and save some money while backpacking. The country’s attractions can be divided into seven regions: Tangier and the surrounding area; Agadir and its beach resorts, Marrakech, Casablanca the Imperial cities, Quarzazate, and Tarfaya and its beach resorts.

8. Bali

Bali - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Indonesia’s pride and joy, Bali is a must for any backpacker looking for fun and saving money. Tropical jungles, long stretches of beaches, caves, volcanoes, and locals are why tourists love to come to this place. Excellent international and local restaurants and the friendliness of the local people is an additional point.

9. Peru

Peru - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

Rainforests, ancestral ruins and beaches sum up Peru as an amazing place to visit and the most appreciative thing about the country is that one does not feel the need to really plan the trip. The only things one should have are the map, a Spanish dictionary and good pair of hiking shoes. The country is an awesome destination for trekking, mountain climbing, surfing, sand boarding, rafting, rappelling etc.

10. Croatia

Croatia - Top Ten Cheapest Countries to Travel

What attract visitors to Croatia are its extensive coastlines and well-preserved coastal Renaissance towns. Unlike some expensive vocational places, the country has plentiful of hostels and inexpensive restaurants and bars along with all comforts. One of the most famous Croatian tourist sites is the fortified city of Dubrovnik with its Renaissance culture.

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