Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

It seems the Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World has taken the well known proverb – “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” a bit too seriously. Gliding through the discussion, you will get to know why. These nations are not only renowned for pristine environments, cleanest water, most startling biodiversity and best life expectancy but as well give in their best to maintain an environment friendly atmosphere and thus attract large number of visitors. Want to know in details about the Cleanest Countries in the World, surf through the list of Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World.

Top Ten Cleanest Countries in the World

Browse further know the factors behind the top ten cleanest countries in the world.

1. Switzerland


Peaceful, happy and safe environment of Switzerland manages to take the first place among Top Ten Cleanest Countries in the world. Switzerland is not only popular for its chocolates or watches but also for its exclusive high standard of living and distinctive taste of water. Its green plains, high mountains and valley’s make it even more attractive and an exceptional place to live. The EPI (Environmental Performance Index) score of Switzerland is 87.67. This signifies, how clean and healthy environment this country perseveres.


2. Luxembourg


Luxembourg lies in the heart of Western Europe, holding a very massive historical background to exhibit. It maintains a low population of people and is known as a rich country showcasing clean surroundings. The Environmental Performance of this country has improved a lot and now it’s EPI score is 83.29. This country has a friendly, clean and less populated atmosphere which is appropriate for family living. This country has shown notable improvements in terms of controlling pollution rate and become a clean place to live.


3. Germany


Germany has drastically improved on its pollution rate and moved up to the third place in the list of Top 10 cleanest country.  Germany is a leader in historical, economic, cultural, technical and theoretical grounds. It’s current EPI score is 80.47, with GDP per capita income of $ 41,248. Because of its clean and green environment this country is able to sustain many of its natural resources and natural beauty. Germany is scattered over 357,021 square kilometres of land and devours a very low population.


4. Sweden


Sweden scored strongly in areas concerning with environmental issues, air pollution, drinking water, greenhouse gas emission etc and has a EPI score of 86. With a 450,295 square kilometres, it is the third largest country in the European Union by area and 9.4 million is the population number. It also ranks high in life expectancy and safe drinking water. The Scandinavian Peninsula is in a competition with its neighbours to make the states greener, hence low greenhouse gas emission.


5. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

With an EPI rate of 81.47 Czech Republic got its fifth position in our list of cleanest places in the world. It is surrounded by Germany in west and Austria in south, that are also part of the list. This place has a scientific background that helps them to construct new foundations to improve their environmental conditions. By maintaining their natural environment and clean urban living this country has been able to come up from a very lower position.


6. Singapore


The perfect example of flawless hi-tech environment, Singapore grabs the sixth position among the top cleanest countries in the world. Though the nation holds the third spot in terms of largest oil refiners, one cannot find any mark of dirtiness within the metropolis. Furthermore; jay-walking, smoking, spitting and littering within the city is strictly prohibited. Anyone found breaking these rules are liable for fine of 500 Singapore dollars.


7. Norway


Gifted with natural heritage and cold climatic conditions, Norway showcases a 78.04 EPI score. It is said to be a less populated and a coldest country in the world. This country is listed at number three in the list of Better life index by organization of economic cooperation and development. Since long Norway is considered as a clean, environmental and authentic country to lead a happy life.


8. Austria

Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World - Austria

Austria is a landlocked Central European country where a lot of effort is taken to maintain sanitation, drinking water, forestry, growing stock, pesticide regulation, and marine protection. The hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions are invariably spotless. The lakes and rivers are maintained at “drinking water” quality. There is no litter anywhere, and strict recycling laws are in place to keep the environment safe.


9. Spain


An Iberian Peninsula country located in the south Western Europe is officially known as the Kingdom of Spain. With an EPI score of 79.79 Spain have secured the ninth position in the list of the cleanest country in the world. Spain is blessed with natural beauties, historic heritage and hygienic surroundings. It is a natural beauty which is spread over 195,364 square mile area and is said to be the fifth largest country in Europe


10. Australia


Australia is termed as the sixth largest country of the world and preserves a clean, safe and resourceful environment to live. Its diplomatic surroundings and natural environment make it a wonderful place to live. With an EPI rate of 82.4, this wondrous country has acquired a position in our list of the cleanest country in the world. This country land locks semi-arid dessert, tropical rain forests, varied variety of species and many more.

19 thoughts on “Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World


    I am a Mauritian but I am sure that you have not seen the real dirtiness in Mauritius.I don’t agree with you at all.If I have time I’ll post some photos here soon.

    1. Bradley

      I have to agree with you Hugo…
      I really cannot understand this TOP 10 listing for Mauritius. I would place Mauritius perhaps further down the list in about 150th position to be honest.. The person that gave this score must have been paid.. Pollution everywhere and it is members of the Public that gather together to clean the beaches… It happens to be clean only in the areas the Tourists are exposed to! The people know the truth and this ranking is false!

      1. Anikesh Sama

        I am Mauritian too and while i was initially shocked by the ranking, i will have to agree to it.
        i feel you people didn’t read the whole article. the ranking is based on things like quality of water, air, ozone layer, ecosystem, burned land areas, pesticide regulations and carbon emission among others. for the list given, i do agree that my country is better compared to other countries. it’s true that we are poor in terms of sanitation and general cleanliness. but here, we can drink water from the tap, can breathe air without any problems (like in China for example) etc. Avoid confusion about what cleanliness means in this context.. thanks

        1. Veen Kariman

          l agree perfectly with you..ln addition we have a good system of free education,free transport to students and elder people..Good quality of life for senior citizens..many facilities to them that other countries cannot afford..and etc..etc…

          1. Niko Belic

            Free education with record rates of absenteeism and violence and pupils who have to attend paid tuition because their teachers at school don’t want to work.
            Free transport paid for by enormous subsidies from the government to win elections, while full fare paying passengers continue to pay through the nose.
            Senior citizens that enjoy their life so much that they cannot leave their home in the evening because the country is so unsafe.

            I am Mauritian too and there are plenty of things I love about our country. But it you want to praise it, you could do better than actually choose the most dysfunctional aspects of the country please. Your comment looks typically like the sort of comment made by Mauritians who have not spent much time abroad to see the things that foreign countries do much better than us.

        2. Niko Belic

          One of the criteria is “clean waters”. Do you think that we have clean waters in Mauritius with the amount of waste and pesticides rejected into it by factories, hotels and agriculture? Be serious for one second please.

      2. mun

        dude youshould visit some other countries, especially the asian ones, then uwill know the value of ur island… i have visited many countries and i can tell u that mauritians should be proud of wat we have considering our resources and size…we have too much comfort that we tend to overlook them, but they are infact luxury… Cheers!!

    2. Sandeep

      dude have you ever been in foreign country??? if yes zen u should know that YES MAURITIUS is indeed a small paradise .. one of the cleanest place in z world.. bzw nt nly cleanest but we gt many mre qualities.. Prouf of my tiny island

    3. groLoL

      You better go & take an english language tuition at your nearby primary school before you make the useless effort taking photos and post it here dude. The ranking is based on something else which you didnt understand… lol

      1. James

        Totally! This is based on an overall EPI (Environmental Performance Index) and not necessarily how clean your streets are! 🙂

    1. evilmaverik47

      you can not consider the emission of green house gases the only factor, there are other factors that comes under cleanest definition so according to that if you got one negative point may be you have 10 positive aspects too…


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