Top 10 Dangerous Airports

If a man can build it, definitely you can land on it. Landing from the skies to the world’s most dangerous runway, isn’t it exhilarating? Some architectural blue prints and geographical settings make these airports have no choice but to stand in such distinctive places where they aren’t supposed to be. Here aircrafts lands down without any margin for error, on the main roads, mountain peaks, sea sides and even on crowded beaches. These defamed airports are the extreme airports as they pose aviation threats.

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Top Ten Dangerous Airports in the World

Ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seatbelts and put the tray tables back into their position because this is going to be a bumpy ride as we cruise across the most dangerous airports in the world.

1. Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Gibraltar Airport

This is probably one of those airports which makes the pilots go, “oh god why?!” in exasperation. The Gibraltar Airport in the British territory of Gibraltar mostly serves as a base to the RAF (the Royal Air Force) but domestic flights land in it on pretty much a daily basis. Why this airport is the most dangerous airport there is? Well probably because the Winston Churchill road, Gibraltar’s busiest road passes directly through the runway. Traffic has to be stopped every time a plane is to make a landing or take off, like a railroad crossing only with planes.

2. Kansai International, Osaka, Japan

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Kansai International Airport

The Kansai International should be counted among one of the modern wonders. Since land is not so easy to come by in Japan, those innovative chaps went and built themselves a manmade island and built an airport on that island. The airport is accessible to the people via rail, road or high speed ferry. The Kansai airport is roughly 3 miles off shore off the coast of Japan and is around 1.6 miles wide and about 2.5 miles long. The entire airport is so massive, it is visible from space. The Kansai International is counted among the most dangerous airports in the world, thanks to the unpredictable weather conditions. In fact, experts say that if the rapid rise in temperature continues to rise the entire airport might end up underwater in the next 50 years.

3. Ice Runway, Antarctica

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Ice Runway

As you might have guessed by the name the Ice runway is actually made of ice, but then you can’t hope for paved roads in Antarctica can you. The ice runway is one of the three airports in Antarctica and is usually used for transporting explorers and supplies to the said explorers. The Ice runway is pretty huge so it can easily fit in some massive planes but the main challenge is to land without breaking the runway, literally. The plane shouldn’t touchdown too hard or it either gets stuck in the soft ice or the runway will crack open, literally.

4. Courchevel Airport, France

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Courchevel Airport

This Airport is scary enough to scare even the bravest pilots into hiding under their beds. The Courchevel Airport is on the hills of the French Alps and is extremely rick to land in, mostly because the runway is actually on a slope. You’re supposed to take off going downhill and land the plane going uphill. The weather conditions are of no help either. The downhill slope is actually so steep that you can just role the plane downhill and just glide off the edge. The landing is actually so difficult that any pilot who has to land there has to obtain a special certificate.

5. Princess Juliana International Airport, Simpson Bay, Saint Maarten

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Princess Juliana International Airport

This Caribbean airport is the total equivalent of an obstacle course. Any plane that has to land there has to go over a decent beach strip, a pretty sizable fence and a busy road before it makes contact with the runway. Despite the continuous warning of the airport authorities to the visitors on the beach to stay away, the people tend to gather around when an aircraft is around, disregarding the fact that the force of the jet blast can literally send them flying. The pilots have to usually pay attention to avoid any passing trucks. This obstacle course of an airport is by all means one extreme airport.

6. Tenzing Hillary Airport, Nepal

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Tenzing Hillary Airport

This airport named after the first two climbers to conquer the Mount Everest serves is pretty much the entire list of no-no’s of any pilot. It’s got everything a pilot doesn’t want or actively tries to avoid. Bad weather, limited visibility, short runway, etc. and that’s not even the scariest part. One end of the runway is a two thousand feet drop.

7. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

This airport in the Netherlands is quite the dangerous trap and makes you wonder what on earth could they possibly be thinking when they made that airport?! The runway is just 400 meters, which is a little longer than the runways of some aircraft carriers, and leads directly to the ocean. The airport is so dangerous that pilots of large planes completely avoid it and only some small planes dare to venture. The slightest miscalculation on the part of the pilot can be extremely fatal thanks to the short runway.

8. Svalbard Airport, Svalbard, Norway

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Svalbard Airport

This Norwegian airport is actually the northernmost airport any tourist can book a ticket to. During the construction the engineers used the cold Norwegian weather to their advantage and made the runway on a layer of permafrost. The seasonal changes however have rendered the surface of the runway a little runway which needs constant attention and maintenance by the authorities.

9. Madeira international Airport, Portugal

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Madeira international Airport

Initially the Madeira international airport had a pretty small 5000 ft. runway which was less than ideal for any plane to land or take off. After witnessing the horrifying accident of a Boeing 727 the runway was extended to 9000 ft. Even after the increased length of the runway, approaching it is still pretty tricky and leaves no space for miscalculation on the pilot’s part.  And then there  is also the question of the hill that is gets in the way.

10. Barra International Airport, Scotland

Top 10 Dangerous Airports - Barra International Airport

The Barra international airport is one crazy cookie phenomenon and probably one of a kind. This is probably the only airport that is also a beach that is actually used by people when there are no inbound flights. The airport has no paved runway or anything and the planes just land on the beach. The flight schedules have to be changed sometimes because of the tides. The tourists taking a stroll on the beach are usually warned in advance if there are flights inbound. This airport is actually a recognised airport by the Air Traffic organisation.

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