Top 10 Diving Sites in the World

Have you ever swim in a sea where the only thing you can feel is icy water surrounded by a number of marine lives? The list of top diving sites in the world sketches the detail about the best diving sites from across the earth. These places are the most adventurous and thrilling locations to have a plunge into the deep water. Few of them are also the home of sea devils like white shark and whale. Continue reading to explore many interesting facts related to the top diving locations in the world.

Top 10 Diving Sites in the World

Top Ten diving sites in the World

If you are a water person and love to indulge in water adventures then the list of top ten diving sites in the world is the best list to go through.

1. Great Blue Hole

Located off the coast of Belize, Great Blue Hole is a large circular submarine sinkhole that was formed during numerous occurrences of quaternary glaciations. Over the years it has become one of the top diving locations in the world as it has excited adventurers to explore several species of fish, corals, reef sharks and other oceanic life through its crystal clear water. Discovery Channel, during the year 2012 has ranked the diving site as number one on its list of “The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth”. Its temperature at 130ft is about 76F and has diameter of 1000 feet.

2. Pulau Sipadan

The centre of one of the richest marine habitats in the world, the Sipadan is situated at the centre of the Indo-West Pacific. Over hundreds of coral species and more than 3,000 varieties of fish have been the secret in this ecology. Besides hawkbill and green turtles are common sights out here. Many dive journals has rated Pulau  Sipadan as one of the top destinations for diving in the world. The amazingly diversified and lively location is also regarded as a famous scuba destination in Malaysia.

3. Cocos Island

Cocos Island is an unpopulated island, surrounded by deep counter-current waters on the off shore of Costa Rica. It deserves the position among the best dive sites in the world as it the home of Hammerhead sharks, rays, dolphins and other large marine species. It also invites enthusiastic divers to take a plunge through its coral reef, volcanic tunnels, caves and massifs to discover long lost treasures. From November to May it has calmer atmosphere where as from June to November the sea becomes quite rough.

4. Gansbaai

Gansbaai is the best location to indulge oneself in Shark Cage Diving, scuba diving and Whale Watching since it has a dense population of both the sea predators – Great white Shark and Whale. June to September is the perfect period to go for incredible under water trips and dives. At this point of time as many as 18 sharks can be seen in a day. It is position in Western Cape, South Africa and has been a major tourist attraction since 1995. Also found are large number of African penguins and other sea birds.

5. Ras Mohammed National Park

Thriving with a wide range of fascinating aquatic lives, Ras Mohammed National Park occupies the fifth position among the top ten diving sites in the world. The diving site is a favourite among many as it is the home of 25 types of sea urchins, more than 220 coral species, 40 classes of star fish, over 100 types of mollusc and 150 species of crustaceans. Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are popular areas of coral reef in the park for divers. It lies at the southern extreme of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

6. Rainbow Warrior

The rainbow Warrior was blasted in Auckland Harbour by French Secret Service agents on July 10th 1985 and was relocated at the Cavalli Islands two years later. Since then it has served as the host to uncountable nautical creatures and a diving location of many ardent deep water surfers. Deep underneath visibility is poor during the months of September to December but with approach of summer it improves.  The Rainbow warrior also provides night dives though it sounds dangerous.

7. North Horn

Resembling a unicorn fish’s horn, North Horn is the northern most part of Osprey Reef. The place is only one of the top diving places in the world but researchers and undersea explorers finds it the ideal to carry out research on behaviours and characteristics of sharks, potato cod and morays. One can dive to a depth more than 40 metres and travel around a beautifully coloured  world of corals. However it is also a popular site for shark feeding.

8. Bikini Atoll

Since the Bikini Lagoon in Bikini Atoll has some of the most prominent warships from World War II, the diving site serves right for all the historically inclined divers. It was opened for diving purposes only in 1996 to experience altogether a different world of naval fleet resting under the calm water. The area was away from human intervention for more than 40 years, thus divers with appropriate training and skill levels are only allowed to surf into the water.

9. Little Cayman

The calm and peaceful Little Cayman is one of the most preferred diving destinations with the notorious surfing sites Bloody Bay and Jackson’s Bight located out here. Visitors love the Bloody Bay Wall which starts at 18 feet and descends down to more than 1000 feet. There are more than fifty recognised dive sites all around Little Cayman with fixed mooring buoys installed at all of the dive sites. The place is filled with Green Turtles, Caribbean Reef Sharks and friendly Nassau Grouper.

10. Red Sea Reef

At depths of about 3000 metres, the Red Sea Reef opens up to a breathtaking space of 1000 species of fish and 150 coral types. It is a part of the Great Rift Valley and is known as one of the ‘Seven Underwater Wonders of the World’. Magnificent reefs, dramatic walls, wrecks, lagoons, adventurous caves and mesmerising coral gardens are other attractions that invite a dive fanatic to take a plunge into the diving site.

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