Top 10 Forbidden Places You Could Never Visit

With the advancement of modern travel technology, the world becomes close to the people and it’s almost impractical to believe that there may be some places where you’re not allowed to visit. But actually there exist some crucial places which remain untouched with the travelers and visitors. These places may be dangerous, protected or secretive and thus legally cut off and banned for regular people.

If you are planning a world tour, sadly you will not be allowed to cross these ten forbidden places. But undoubtedly, the beauty and mystery of these places will impel you to know more about it and for the same reason carry out the virtual tour at these destinations.

1. North Sentinel Island, India


The North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal and politically belongs to Government of India. The island is well-known for attractive unspoiled beaches and magnificent natural beauty. But nobody can visit there as it is solely occupied by native Sentinelese tribe who are very violent and aggressive to any outsiders. They cast-off any connection with modern civilization and have been even recognized to slay quite a few invaders. No wonder, visiting the Island is strictly forbidden and the Indian government has professed it as an exclusion zone.

2. Lascaux Caves, France


The series of Lascaux caves is located in Southwestern France and is of one of the most eminent examples of Palaeolithic painting. The cave contains 900 preserved artworks that basically depict the large animals. These are more than 17,500 years old and are banned to the public since the year 1963 as the humidity, carbon dioxide, and other contaminants that people produced bring into being to damage the historic wall painting. Lascaux caves come under the UNESCO World Heritage Site and remained closed for all except a security guard, who visits once in a week.

3. Snake Island, Brazil


Snake Island of Brazil, officially known as Ilha da Queimada Grande is also a forbidden place which you should know about. This island is stretched in the area of 43 hectares and is 20 miles from the Sao Paulo shore. This Island is famous for one of the earth’s deadly species of snake, the Golden Lancehead Viper, whose venom can even melt flesh. There are more than 4000 of them on this Island and thus unsurprisingly, the Brazilian government decided to ban visitors from setting foot there.

4. Heard Island Volcano, Australia


Heard Island volcano is well-thought-out as one of the most inaccessible places on the globe.  This barren Island is flourished with 368-square-mile landmass as mountains, 41 glaciers and wildlife including seals, penguins, and marine birds. In the year 2000, the Island was remarked with a two-kilometer-long lava flow coming from the southwest side of a complex active volcano, Mawson’s Peak. Apart from volcanic hazards, the poor weather is also responsible for the prohibition of visiting the island.

5. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China


This famous historic spot is known for the tomb of China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang, who died in 210 BC. The tomb is buried underneath a hill in Central China and made of the complicated network of underground caverns occupied with all the essentials of the king like his family, servants, horses, staff, and his army, well-known as Terracotta army. Probably, there may be more than 6000 statues as per the latest discovery. The government of China has banned visitors here, giving the respect due to the prehistoric burial rites. Unluckily, you perhaps will certainly not catch the chance to go deep into the tomb itself.

6. Poveglia Island, Italy


The small island Poveglia is located between Venice and Lido in Northern Italy and is known as the topmost forbidden places in the world. Due to its tragic and twisted past, it entered its name in the list of such banned places. It has been once established as a quarantine station in the course of bubonic plague and hosted over 160,000 plague-ridden people breathing out their final time there. Later on, an asylum was set up on this island where many mental people were allegedly tortured and murdered. No wonder the island is now considered as one of the most haunted places as it is rumored that the ghosts of victims are roaming there. The government of Italy has completely off-limits the place to visitors.

7. Area 51, Nevada


There is no list of forbidden places which does not consist of the name Area 51, the place located in Southern Nevada. It is a hidden place for remote detachment of United States Air Force facility Edwards Air Force Base aim of which is always left unknown to the public. The facility is covered in confidentiality and is totally forbidden, except some military and intelligence personnel are allowed to visit there. It is assumed that U.S. government here inspects and stores an alien spacecraft and the tenants of it. It is also declared as the no-fly-zone and protected with anti-aircraft artillery and fighter jets.

8. Zone Rogue, France


Zone Rogue or The Red Zone is a well-known forbidden area in the north-eastern parts of France. This area was completely sanctioned off after the World War 1 and is never opened for public. It is still considered a hazardous area because of the unexploded material and the huge amount of human and animal remains which is considered dangerous for the public.

9. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway


Svalbard Global Seed Vault, also known as Doomsday Vault, is the seed bank located on the Island of Norway. This hidden Global Seed Vault is developed with the aim to preserve a wide variety of seeds in case of local or worldwide crises.

10. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City


Vatican Secret Archives also occupied the place in the list of top forbidden areas. It is kept untouched by the public, as many important historical documents like the acts of the Holy See, state papers, papal account books, letters etc. are accumulated in the church over the centuries. These days, only the qualified scholars may apply for entry.

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