Top 10 Interesting Facts about Armenia

A beautiful country, Armenia has a box full of surprising facts and treasured secrets hidden within its culture. Being the first even country to adorn Christianity as a religion, there are certain things you might not know about this country. Read out some:

Top 10 Facts About Armenia

1. Chess, A Compulsory School Subject

One of the Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Armenia is that students have to master the art of Chess during their learning stages. Chess is a compulsory subject, for which students have to appear in exams as well.

2. A Mono Ethnic Country

There are 97% native Armenians living in the country with different ethnicities making up the remaining 3%. With several states and countries being a major hybrid of cultures and beliefs, Armenia is a full-fledged, religiously built-in country. Minorities such as the Ukrainians, Kurds, Yazidis, and Russians etc. are the remaining communities.

3. First Country To Adopt Christianity

Armenia is the first ever country to adopt Christianity as a strong religion. One of the Interesting Facts about Armenia is that back in 301 AD, the whole country was religiously converted by St Gregory Illuminator. Also, the country houses some of the ancient-built churches and sees major crowds bumbling towards pilgrimage sites.

4. Love for Lavash

Armenians have a certain ‘soft corner’ for Lavash, a thin flatbread which is prepared inside an underground oven known as tonir. It is made of salt, water and flour. It is stored and eaten for months. Any meal is incomplete without Lavash. It is considered as a staple food item and is mentioned under UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

5. Worshiping Mt. Ararat

As per cultural beliefs and traditions, Armenians believe that it was at Mt Ararat’s peak that Noah’s ark was really found. Also, it protected the country from a fatal earthquake. Surprisingly, this mountain isn’t even within the geographical boundary of Armenia.

6. Millions Killed During The Genocide

As per Armenian History, more than 1.5 million Armenians suffered the wrath and were brutally killed during genocide around First World War. There wasn’t any mercy on even kids and women, and all men were forcefully recruited in the army and later killed.

7. Apricot As One Of The Significant Symbols

The orange color of the Armenian flag actually represents apricot! Yes! That’s true! Walking through the local markets you can see vendors selling every type, shape, texture and size of apricot, apricot juice, apricot flavored wine and so on!

8. Yerevan, The “Pink City”

There is another “Pink City” other than India’s Jaipur, and that’s in Armenia! The city’s name is Yerevan. Look around and you will see buildings and volcanic rocks covered in pink color and shining its way through tourists’ eye.

9. A ‘Stork Village’

One of the Top 10 Interesting Facts About Armenia is that there is an amazing stork’s village. There is a big row of wooden poles with huge nests on top and storks resting on them and protecting their babies.

10. No Traces of Discrimination

This has got to be one of the most respecting and heart-warming facts about this country! There is no partiality between tourists and locals, prices are majorly same for both and they are treated nicely.

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