Top 10 Luxury Trains in the World

Train travel has often been expressed as one of the best means to travel in leisure. A journey on board a luxurious train is like stepping back in time to rediscover the most elegant and splendid form of traveling. There are numerous luxurious train across the world, each serving luxury to passengers in its own signature style. Here is a list of Top 10 Luxury Trains in the World that offer the best ostentatious services to its guests and leave them with an experience of a lifetime. Read through the list of the best luxury trains in the world and find out the causes and reasons that makes them the best in business.

Top ten Luxury Trains in the World

Here are the top ten luxury trains in the world that are redefining luxurious train travel.


1. Venice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Giving its travelers a truly unique travel experience, The Venice Simplon Orient Express comes first on our list of Top 10 Luxury Trains in the World. Taking a ride on this beauty is similar to stepping back in history. The decor and design of the train gives a nostalgic feel of 1920’s. Steaming through some of the most scenic and sublime landscapes of Europe, the Venice Simplon Orient Express offers one of the best romantic journeys in the world. The beautifully crafted vintage cabins, gastronomic cuisines and an exceptional on board entertainment are bound to give one of the finest travel experience in the world.


2. Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer

Praised as one of the best train travels in the world, the Rocky Mountaineer is surely one of the phenomenal train journeys in the world. The luxury train tour takes you on a dozen days of adventure across the rocky mountains, through some of the best landscapes on offer. The rocky Mountaineer also happens to be one of the most awarded trains in the world. The guest can choose from four types of services like Gold Leaf Service, Silver Leaf Service, Red Leaf Service and lastly the Whistler. The Gold leaf service offers the most luxurious stay on board the Rocky Mountaineer, which features a fully air conditioned deluxe accommodation cabin, dining space and complimentary beverages and snacks.


3. Maharajas Express

Maharajas Express

Recently awarded as one of the world’s leading Luxury trains at the World Travel Award 2012, The Maharajas Express is amongst the top 25 trains in the world according to The Society of International Railway Travelers. With a total of 14 carriages for 88 guests, the train promises an extravagant  stay on board. The carriages are classified into 20 deluxe cabins, 18 junior suites, 4 suites and a luxurious Presidential Suite each promising a lavish stay similar to a 5 star accommodation. That’s not all, the train is also equipped with two restaurants namely ‘Mayur Mahal’ and ‘ Rang Mahal’, elegantly decorated in Rajasthani architecture, is there to serve guests with some of the most exotic Indian and international cuisines. The train also features a bar on board where the guests can taste some of the finest spirits and wines over a friendly conversation with fellow passengers.


4. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

The Golden Eagle is probably the best way to explore the vast expanse of  Siberia and Central Asia. It is the longest running train in the world with a running network of over 9,000 kilometers which connects to Central Asia, China, Russia and North Korea. Ever since its launch in 2007, the train has served as perfect means to view the largest lake on earth along its shores. The train offers guests to travel back in time and explore the silk road, the Caspian and Russian Arctic zone. The Golden Eagle has a spacious 120 square feet Imperial Suite comes with king size bed, dedicated dressing table and a lounge area. The passengers are served with the best in class luxurious and ultra luxurious facilities to its customers. The golden Eagle is a journey of a lifetime.


5. Rovos Rail (Pride of Africa)

Rovos Rail (Pride of Africa)

Also know as Pride of Africa, the train finds a mention on our list thanks to its excellent accommodation, public spaces, service, dining and most importantly off-train sightseeing. The train is a good means for those looking to experience African wilderness. Covering a total distance of 2000 miles in nine days the train take its guests through the vast expanse of African Savannah. With a maximum of 72 guests on board, the train takes them on a journey of a lifetime through Cape town, Victoria falls, Durban Safari, African Golf Collage and many more exciting journeys across Southern Africa.


6. Eastern and Oriental Express

Eastern and Oriental Express

The Eastern and Oriental Express offers a stylish and Luxurious means to travel and explore the awe inspiring landscapes of Southeast Asia. Passing through the vibrant cities, villages and Pagodas the train is equipped with all the world class facilities and services to meet specific demands and wishes of its guests on board. The cabins on the Eastern and Oriental Express are divided into four categories: Pullman Single, Pullman, State and Presidential. Each of whom combined beautifully with local materials and luxurious designs, give the train a beautiful interior decor. The major attraction on board is the Observation Car located in the rear end of the train offers the passengers perfect sightseeing platform during the day, and cocktail & entertainment spot at night.


7. Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels

India’s Palace on wheels offers a delightful experience to its guests in the lap of luxury. The train provides a good means to explore the Indian State of Rajasthan and its cities. The train treads through Jaipur, Jodhpur,, Chittaurgarh, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Agra, giving the guests an in-depth feel of Indian hospitality and culture. The coaches are laden with multiple luxurious features. The train hosts amenities like world class rooms, elegantly designed bars & spa saloon. The train also has two superb restaurants namely the ‘Maharani Mahal’ and ‘Maharaja Mahal’. The restaurants serve a variety of Indian and Continental cuisines to guests. The train has been voted as one of the most luxurious train travel in the world multiple times in the past.


8. Belmond Royal Scotsman

Belmond Royal Scotsman

Belmond Royal Scotsman, the Luxurious train takes you to the heart of Scottish Highlands through the landscape of pine-clad mountains and mirror still Lochs. The train caters to just 36 guests at once, giving them a truly personal luxurious service. The moment one enters the train, he finds himself warmly wrapped in luxury. With a total of 14 double cabins, 2 double and 4 single state cabins, each one of them is designed to deliver the highest standard of luxurious travel. They are beautifully complimented with numerous high end facilities to deliver guests the best of Irish and English hospitality.


9. Indian Pacific

Indian Pacific

Deriving its name from the two oceans of the world, the Indian Pacific connects the two oceans on its journey from Sydney to Perth. A journey stretching for over 4,000 kilometers take the guests through the vast expanse of Australian Wilderness. The train currently has four classes namely Platinum, Gold Service, Red Service Sleeper and Red Service Daynighter. Indian Pacific is a genuine trans-continental voyage in the world that takes the guests on truly memorable experience.


10. The Blue Train

Blue Train

Often termed as the ‘window to the Soul of Africa’, traveling between Cape town and Pretoria, covering a total distance of more than 1600 kilometers. The Blue Train finds a mention at number ten in our list of Top 10 Luxury Trains In the World. The train gives a personal butler service to its 80 guests on board. A soundproof observation car on the train gives the passengers the chance to embrace the beauty of African Wilderness from the confines of luxury.

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