Top 10 Most Amazing Deserts in the World

To many of us the word ‘desert’ might not seem interesting but it is true that mother earth is gifted with few of the most amazing deserts. There exceptional characteristics make them unique from other topographies. Some snow capped while others are large stretches of sand, here we will discuss about the most amazing deserts in the world.

List of Most Amazing Deserts in the World

  1. Taklamakan
  2. Lencois Maranhenses National Park
  3. Uyuni
  4. Farfara
  5. Atacama
  6. Namib
  7. Simpson
  8. Black
  9. Antarctica
  10. Sahara

Top Ten Most Amazing Deserts in the World

1. Taklamakan Desert
Also known as the Taklimakan, Taklamakan desert is located in northwest China bounded by the Kunlun Mountain, the Pamir Mountain and the Tian Shah in the south, west and north respectively.  It is one of the largest sand deserts in the world and in 2008 a heavy 11 days snow fall had turned the desert into a white world.

2. Lencois Maranhenses National Park
Located in north-eastern Brazil, Lencois Maranhenses National Park receives rain fall every year from July to September as a result of which thousands of ponds are created. This leaves one confused whether he/she is in a desert or a sea. Thus it is one among the most amazing deserts in the world.

3. Uyuni Desert
One of the iconic images of Bolivia, Uyuni Desert is a huge salt dessert in mids of the Altiplano. This magnanimous, flat desert creates a mirrow effect with the sky by reflecting with the Sun. Also one gets to see a number of colourful lakes formed from the mineral deposits of the area.

4. Farfara Desert
Farfara Desert is a creamy white bed of sand in contrast to its yellow mates and is located 45 kilometres north of Farfara, Egypt. The main geographic attractions are the massive chalk rock formations resulting from the irregular sandstorms in the region.

5. Atacama Desert
Found at the driest place of the world, in between the coast of Arica and Antofagasta, Atacama Desert occupies the largest amount of the Chilean territory. It has earned a name among the top ten most amazing deserts in the world because of its kindness towards living beings and supports few floral growths.

6. Namib Desert
To the South of Africa lies the Namib Desert and some of the highest sand dunes are found in this expanse. Camels are the chief animal of such areas but this is the only desert in the world where one gets to see desert elephants. Apparently the oldest desert in the world, myriad species of plants and animals can only be found here.

7. Simpson Desert
Australia is the home to four large deserts but the most amazing one is the Simpson Desert which is also known as “The Big Red” due to wide spread presence of red sand. Well known for parallel sand dunes some of them are as high as 40 metres in height.

8. Black Desert
Formed due to massive volcanic eruptions, Black Desert is littered with small black stones. The stones lie out across the orange-brown ground and cannot be inhabited.

9. Antarctica
Antarctica has been mentioned as one of the most amazing deserts because it is the worlds driest and also the wettest place and no humans can survive out here. Since it is covered by 98% ice it is wet and due to scanty rainfall it has been turned into a desert.

10. Sahara
At over 9 million square kilometres, the Sahara covers most of North Africa and is home to a number of peoples and languages. The tenth most amazing desert is also the largest desert in the world providing a mesmerising view of the sand sea.

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