Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

The whole world is blessed with magnificent cities, engrossing rich history, vibrant cultures and incredible structures which can grab anyone’s attention.  Many a times we come across places which leaves us speechless with their breathtaking manifestation. There are cities which are famous for their beauty and fabulous sights and are situated at various nooks of the world. There’s a famous saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” which perfectly fits to some of these exquisite cities making them the most visited tourist destinations today. Enlisted here are the top ten most beautiful cities in the world.

Top Ten Most Beautiful Cities in the World

1. Paris, France

Paris,-France - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Known as the city of Love and Lights, Paris is the capital of latest fashion, gastronomy and culture. The monumental squares, charming streets of Montmartre, romantic restaurants and cafes, magnificent structures and home to most famous Eiffel tower, Paris has so many things to offer.  The Seine and bridges that cross the city and the boat tour of the Seine can flash some of the romantic experiences to the romantic couples.

2. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver,-Canada - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Ranked for almost a decade as the most “liveable” city in the world, Vancouver is the coastal city located in Canada. Vancouver combines the outstanding natural setting of coastal mountains and beaches with the bustling city making it one of most beautiful cities in the world.  The city is famous for Stanley Park, Coast Mountains and Eco-Friendly green space.

3. Sydney, Australia

Sydney,-Australia - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Sydney is a reflection of European civilization in the Asia Pacific region in terms of wild and preserved natural environment. Right from the natural magnificence inclusive of beautiful beaches, wild scrublands and exquisite architectures. The Australian urban has everything that a tourist wishes for.  Abode to the world famous Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi beach, this city attracts millions of tourist every year.

4. Florence, Tuscany

Florence,-Tuscany - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

The capital city of the Tuscany region, Florence has been pivotal to the history of the medieval Europe. One of the richest cities of those times, it was the home of Renaissance and many other religious and political revolutions. Counted among the fashion capitals of the world, it is also known for its architecture and countless art galleries and museums. UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site in 1992. No doubt it is a part of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world list.

5. Venice, Italy

Venice,-Italy - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

The romantic city of water, Venice is the most favoured destinations among tourist, especially couples for its beauteous value and romantic setting. With less car plying across the roads, the northeaster Italian metropolitan is known for gondola boats and Canals which cross the city throughout. The buildings at Venice are unique work of art which evokes feeling of surreal fairy tale appearance making the view fascinating and magical.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape-Town,-South-Africa - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Cape Town in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with marvelous natural setting, exceptional climate and well developed infrastructure. Cape Town is considered worth visiting for its famous landmarks including Table Mountain which is a great place for climbing or hiking. Itinerary to Cape Point, a mountainous landform, can offer an incredible view to the beautiful city landscape.

7. San Francisco, California

San-Francisco,-California - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

World renowned for its cable car, Golden Gate Bridge and fisherman’s wharf, San Fransisco is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  The welcoming city of America, as it is popularly known, San Francisco is the home of cosmopolitan population with loads of hippies and gays along with eclectic nightlife. The city is famous for its beautiful and extensive mix of architecture, steep rolling hills and Chilly summer fogs.

8. Chicago, US

Chicago,-US - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

The birth place of sky scrapers, Chicago is no surprise while speaking about the most beautiful cities in the world. Specifically when night coves the metropolis and uncountable lights glows up, it turns into the most gorgeous masterpiece. Furthermore, places such as the Magnificent Mile, the Millennium Park and the shore of Lake Michigan add glamour to its existing magnificence. The alpha+ global city as well attracts more than 1.369 million overseas visitors each year.

9.  New York, United States

New-York,-United-States - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

New York City, described to be the cultural hub of the world, is a renowned centre for finance, traditions, manufacturing and transportation. Besides being the busiest and most populated city, New York has some of the most scenic tourist spots including Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Empire State building and the Central park.

10. London, England

London,-England - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Situated besides the superlative river Thames, the capital city of England allures holidaymakers from every corner of the globe with its mesmerising look. The numerous apartments, offices and restaurants that are lined up along the streets makes it as contemporary as it is British. Whether it is the Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square or the Adele; London preserves a classic sense which sets the city apart from other urban.

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