Top 10 Most Powerful Passports

A photograph with a billion dollar smile on the passport does not make it powerful! It’s the number of visa free countries that can be accessed with that passport. The maximum the number of countries the more powerful the passport is. The coolest passport grants you the privilege to visit the countries with minimum formalities and maximum benefits. You can travel many countries with this mighty document in your pocket. But hold on, not all the passports are kind, some restrict your freedom to travel too.


List of the Most Powerful Passports in the World


1. Sweden


Swedish passport tops the list of most powerful passports as it allows you to cross borders of 174 countries without visa. Explore these countries, taste their delicious cuisines or take your business international with the most powerful document at your service. Earn your Swedish passport for £28. It’s said that travel broadens the mind so imagine what traveling to 174 countries will do to your mind!


2. Finland


Passport of Finland also grants you the permission to travel 174 countries without visa, but it’s a little expensive than the Swedish passport. The passport costs around 37 Pounds. Having a Finnish passport entitles you to travel many nations, may not be in the same boat, but surely with the same passport that too without a visa. You need not stop for immigration inquiries or wait for the visa clearance to enter another territory. Finnish passport is the second in the list with more power and freedom for its holder.


3. Germany


Call it der reisepass, passeport, pasaporte or simply passport you can change its name with territories, but can’t challenge its power! It’s the German passport. You can visit 174 countries with this extremely influential & valuable passport of the world. The German passport costs around 45 Pounds which brings it down to third position in the list of countries with the most powerful passports.


4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Here is the world’s best phrase ‘work for success and arrive to impress’ and UK’s passport does exactly that, it vests in you its power! You can mark your footprints in 174 countries with an English passport. Such passports contribute to the encouragement of soft borders concept and boosts the idea of global village. The £73 English passport empowers its master to move freely in numerous countries worldwide.


5. United States of America

United States of America

United States, the most successful country with warm hearted people belonging to diverse ethnic backgrounds stands at number five on our list. Having a US passport enables one to access 174 nations, but costs a hefty 89 pounds. Visit the most alluring places with US passport as it ranks amongst the Top 10 most powerful passports in the world.


6. Denmark


Danish passport is also listed amongst the most powerful passports in the world. It entitles its owner to cross 173 boundaries without having a supporting visa. The passport costs £65. Plan vacations in these countries without worrying about visa clearances. So, before booking the tickets don’t forget to check whether the country you are visiting is part of 173 group or not!


7. Canada


With powerful passports you don’t check validity according to the country, rather place the passport on the priority. The Canadian passport grants you the permission to get into 173 countries, visa free. The price of Canadian passport is 88 Pounds. Going by the latest lists of most powerful passports 2015 Canadian passport rewards its owner with various other benefits and privileges.


8. Spain


Searching for a passport that authorizes you to enter 172 countries and costs around £20? Spanish passport fulfills all the above mentioned conditions! Enjoy the visa free travel and explore the world with this small, but extremely powerful document in your pocket.


9. Belgium


Belgium has secured its position in the list of top ten most powerful passports in the world 2014 and also in the latest lists of 2015. The passport is worth 50 pounds with benefits more than 50 pounds. So if you are a proud owner of this mighty access card then go on for a long journey & discover the mother earth!


10. The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Do you know the best use of a powerful passport? World tour! If you are a Dutch passport holder, then grab the opportunity to explore some amazing places on earth. Fly to 172 countries without getting involved in visa formalities. The passport is priced around £52. Make the most of your passports power because not everybody gets the chance to exercise power!

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