Top 10 Most Visited National Parks in the World

National parks are home to flora and fauna which engross the beauty of world. The top 10 most visited national park will help you to gauge the clandestine creative of God which can be found only in national parks. The United States have been blessed to have the most beautiful and beguiling national parks in the world and ranked highest in the list of most visited national parks to surprise the world. Find out the number of visitors and get astonished to know the facts about popular national parks.

Top Ten Most Visited National Parks in the World

Check out the list to find whether your favorite national park comes in Top Ten Most Visited National Parks or not and get astonished to see the amount of visitors visiting them each year.

1. Great Smoky Mountain


Great Smoky Mountains is the busiest national park in the world as it welcomes more than 9 million visitors per year. It’s located in Tennessee and North Carolina. It has another name as Wildflower national park as it has plethora of exquisite flowers that can be seen only in this park.  It offers its visitors 800 miles for trekking and 700 miles of stream to do fishing.

2. Grand Canyon


The immense size and dramatic landscape makes this National park one of the most popular tourist attraction site in Arizona.  Grand Canyon ranked second on the list of top 10 most visited national parks in the world with the variety of fossils which are embedded in rocks.

3. Yosemite


If anyone has fascination about verdant scenery and waterfalls then Yosemite national park is the place to visit.  Yosemite is famous in the world and counted more than 4 million visitors in a year. The 317-foot Vernal Fall, and the Horsetail Fall are two of the popular waterfalls in Yosemite National Park.

4. Yellowstone


Yellowstone has been established in 1872 and it is the oldest national park in U.S. Bison, grizzly bears and wolves have home in this national park.  Over 3.5 million visitors visit Yellowstone national park to get astonished to see the Yellowstone Grand Canyon.  The maximum number of hot waters springs and geysers in the world add up to the specialties of this popular national park.

5. Rocky Mountain


The great topographical diversity of this national park makes it one of the most popular national parks.  Approximately 3 million visit this park to view the beauty and 150 lakes with 450 miles of stream. The elevations in the hiking trail can range from 7,500 to above 12,000 feet.  The wildlife is of black bears, moose, bighorn sheep, and the mule deer. The Longs Peak, at 14,259 feet, is one of the prime attractions at this national park.

6. Olympic


Olympic National park has beaches which embrace the Pacific Ocean, peaks which are crested with glaciers, and the stunning rainforest valleys.  The sea stacks has able to attract 3 million visitors in a year.  Olympic National Park spans three distinct ecosystems, containing a staggering array of flora and fauna. The great variety of animals found in Olympic National park which makes it more attractive to animal lovers.

7. Grand Teton


With 200 miles of hiking trails and 100 miles of roads to explore Grand Teton in Wyoming has become the top 10 most visited national parks in the world.  It has been named Grand Teton after the highest peak of 13,770 feet. Jackson Hole and the Jackson Lake are able to attract 2.5 million visitors in a year to this beautiful national park.

8. Zion


Zion national park situated in Utah and has the beguiling red or cream or pink color cliffs which are quite unique and can be seen in this national park only. The Virgin river flows through the Zion National Park. The wilderness trails in this national park, spread over 100 miles.  Zion encounters 2.8 million visitors in a year.

9. Acadia


Acadia resides in Maine where it touches the Atlantic Ocean and comprises Islands, lakes, forests and seacoast. The park has 11 amphibian species, 28 species of fish, and 338 species of birds. It is one of the prime locations for bird-watching.  Over 2.3 million visitors visits Acadia National Park and enjoy the 120 miles of trails for hiking.

10. Cuyahoga Valley


Cuyahoga valley was established in year 2000 and has recorded 2.1 million of visitors in year which itself is a astonishing number for a new park. It is located in Ohio and the only national park in the region. The wildlife in the Cuyahoga valley includes white-tailed deer, gray and red foxes, raccoons, and various species of birds and fishes. The scenic beauty and 186 miles of trail for hiking is another advantage you can have while exploring Cuyahoga valley.

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