Top 10 Mysterious Places on Earth

Though the planet earth is home to a long list of fascinating and mesmerizing destinations, at the same time it as well shelters few places whose enigma is quite unknown to many of us. The Top 10 Mysterious Places on Earth are brimming with such curious and mystifying activities and incidents that chillness runs down the nerves when revealed. The Mysterious Places of the World can even raise questions in your mind that are beyond what you have known till now. Thus we present before you the World’s Most Mysterious Places.


Top Ten Mysterious Places on Earth

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1. Underwater Ruins, Japan

Underwater Ruins, Japan

The Yonaguni Monument, also popular as the Underwater Ruins, is a huge underwater spot, covered with rock formations, probably made by humans. Even the best known scuba divers have not been to this area located in the ocean off the southern coast of Yonaguni. It was discovered only when a stray diver came across it during 1995. Initially it was thought to be the remains of geographic phenomena but till date nothing concrete has been concluded about it. The place seems so mysterious that it has not even been named officially.


2. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, one of the top mysterious places on earth has continued to puzzle scientists and experts concerning the events and incidents that have taken place over it. It is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where the mysterious disappearances of a number of ships and aircrafts have been reported. While popular culture attributes such incidents to paranormal activities some cites that it can be due to the existence of magnetic anomalies in the area. Experts also say that it can be the action of Gulf Stream or Tropical cyclones.


3. Area 51

Area 51

A remote detachment of Edwards Air Force, Area 51 is located Southern Nevada in Western United States and is officially known as Homey Airport and Groom Lake. The base grabs a spot among the top 10 most mysterious places on earth as its purpose is not known to the public. It is supposed that Area 51 has been built for testing and development of weapon systems and experimental aircraft. Due to its hyper confidentiality it has even been a frequent topic of conspiracy theories. Moreover, the existence of the base was revealed only in 2013 when FOIA filed a request in 2005.


4. The Devil’s Sea

The Devil’s Sea


Also known as the Dragon’s Triangle, the Devil’s Sea is a location in the Pacific Ocean notorious for happening that took place in its counterpart – The Bermuda Triangle. It has been the spot for end-number of unsolved happenings including curious lights, magnetic anomalies and inexplicable disappearances. Since it is near to the Japanese coast, it has been declared a danger zone for fishermen of the nation. Though some researchers states presence of high volcanic activities can be responsible for all these, nothing real has come out as of yet.


5. Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant

Quite ironical to its name, today Point Pleasant is so surrounded with eerie events and mystifying tales that it grabs the fifth position amidst the list of 10 mysterious places of the world. It is as well related to a frightening creature called Mothman who had scared the community of West Virginia, in between November 1966 till December 1967. Eyewitnesses had described the creature to be of 7 feet tall with broad chest, 10 feet long wings and bright red eyes. Till today no one knows whether it was a mutant, extraterrestrial or a cryptid. Besides this, there had been even news of UFO sightings.


6. San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley

Located in Southern Colorado, San Luis Valley came into prominence when its residents reported about baffling farm animal mutilations and sights of UFO. It has been accounted that a lady called Judy Messoline had even built in a UFO watchtower from where she witnessed more than 50 UFOs. Moreover, the mutilation of animals takes place without any trace of blood but the animal being completely damaged. Though investigations have been carried out not a single case could be solved.


7. Richat Structure, Mauritania

Richat Structure, Mauritania

Owing to the prominent circular feature, Richat Structure situated in Mauritania is not only known as the eye of Sahara but as well one of the world’s most mysterious places. 40 km in diameter, deeply eroded and slightly elliptical, it presents a large blue eye staring from the ground, when taken aerial view. Though it was initially believed to be created by asteroid impact, lately it has also been accounted as a geologic dome. At present further investigations are going on as to know the origin of its formation.


8. Mount Roraima, Brazil

Mount Roraima, Brazil

Mount Roraima from Brazil gets mentioned amid the top mysterious places on the world due to its flat top which is something very extraordinary as it is a normal mountain like the others. Instead of having a pointed peak it ends up as a plateau. Regarded among the oldest geological formations on earth, it is most of the time covered with clouds given to its height. What bewilders experts is the origin of its plateau like top. Many suggest that it is the work of wind but till now no one has come up with the truth. It also bears flora and fauna that is not found in any other parts of the planet.


9. Great Pyramids of Giza

Great Pyramids of Giza

Though we all might be familiar with the Great Pyramids of Giza, as of now no one knows how it was created. It is said that these were built out of 2.5 ton stones somewhere in between 2589 BC and 2504 BC giving it a height of 146 meters. Despite, during that era there were not any technological advancement it stands firms and strong till contemporary time.


10. Bridgewater Triangle

Bridgewater Triangle

Without mentioning Bridgewater Triangle, the record of top 10 mysterious places on earth will be incomplete. Located in Southwest Vermont, it is responsible for five inexplicable disappearances between 1945 and 1950. None of the missing person’s bodies were found expect the last one’s that too in a very pathetic condition. Many theories were raised including that of unknown serial executioner, big foot monster and alien but none could conclude what actually took place.

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