Top 10 New Year Destinations

The festivity of New Year pervades almost every corner of the world and to get the beautiful ways to ring in the New Year. One needs to choose between the great places which offer the spectacular New Year’s Eve party. It’s high time to devise for the New Year Eve to get the best of memories for the coming year and visit the best location to add on in your celebration. The list of top 10 New Year destinations have jotted down for you to decide between the most amazing places to enjoy the occasion. Follow the varied traditions of different places to feel the real merriment of New Year around the world like watching the ball drop at New York’s Times Square, or you can do some serious street partying in Prague.

List of New Year Destinations

1.  Las Vegas
2.  Edinburgh, Scotland
3.  New York City
4.  Niagara Falls
5.  Prague
6.  Sydney
7.  Reykjavik, Iceland
8.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9.  New Orleans, USA
10. Goa, India

Top Ten New Year Destinations

Explore the best New Year destinations to enjoy your Eve at the best location in the world. Find information about the Top 10 New Year Destinations.

1. Las Vegas


Las Vegas is favorite destination for revelers since ages and always ranked first in top 10 New Year destinations in the world. With luxurious hotels, over the top performances, divine restaurants and great weather, Las Vegas always manage to entice the visitors to celebrate New Year here in the most ardent state. Like every other year, this year also Las Vegas has everything to rejuvenate energy in you.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland


The Edinburgh castle of Scotland is most beguiling and fascinating place there. If you really want to be the part of merriment in Scotland than reach the place 5 days before and be part of the annual Hogmanay. This free event combines old tradition with the local spirit showcasing street performers, a band competition, outdoor parties and fireworks displays all over the city. The moment strikes 12 at midnight head towards the castle and feel the real beauty.

3. New York City


New York City is renowned for the celebration of New Year with tradition of watching the big ball descending in Times Square which is followed by millions and billions of people around the world. The overwhelming experience of New Year eve In New York City is a dream for anyone because of Star-studded musical performances, pyrotechnics and myriad bars.

 4. Niagara Falls


The extravagant destination for New Year Eve celebration which witness almost 30,000 people every year, Niagara Falls is one of the top 10 New Year destinations. In day light, people enjoy their drinks and food at Queen Victoria Park with their families and friends and later on all gather at  enjoy the free New Year’s Eve Concert Extravaganza, organized by the Niagara Parks Commission. The welcoming of New Year can’t be more beautiful than this place with magnificent lighting and midnight fireworks which telecasted on television Nationwide.

5. Prague


Prague has everything to offer on the special day of New Year.  For the wild revelers, the Prague castle is full of lighting and amazing party at midnight. For others, Christmas Markets are still in full swing, as colorful wooden huts sell handicrafts, hot food and warm drinks in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Culture lovers can take in the morning or evening performance of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra at Rudolfinum and then attend the New Year’s Eve gala ball at the Prague State Opera.

6. Sydney, Australia


The hot New Year Eve can only be celebrated in Sydney, Australia. Sydney is renowned for having one of the best firework displays in the world; it takes place over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and continues into the early hours of the morning. Millions of people visit Australia ta this time to enjoy the New Year eve first in the world and have an comfortable New Year celebration without wrapping the warmers for cold.

7. Reykjavik, Iceland


Top 10 New Year destinations will not be completed without Reykjavik Celebrations. The New Year celebration in Iceland makes the darkest days of the year into the brighten celebrations. With little more than four hours of daylight and sunset before 4 p.m. on December 31, the celebration starts early, beginning with 6 p.m. mass at Reykjavik Cathedral. The tradition of Iceland is so beautiful for New Year, you will find bonfires and these flame-fueled gatherings, where drinking, folk songs and even people dressed up as elves and trolls are not uncommon.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The most famous beach of Brazil in the world has most famous New Year celebration and ranks in the top 10 New Year destinations. The visitors can be a part of celebration like locals by wearing whites and take part in dancing and singing programs. The whole day of 31st December went as a celebration starting with the music festival in different stages, dancing, eating which is followed by the tradition of giving flowers, rice and perfume to each other.

9. New Orleans, USA


New Orleans is one of America’s top New Year’s destinations as well as ranked in the top 10 New Year destinations in the world. Be it a Bourbon street or Frenchman street both compete with each other for the best new Year celebrations and it depends on the revelers to attend one of them and make it the most fascinating gathering of the year.  Expect dancing in the street, impromptu brass bands parading through, lots of drinking, and it being New Orleans, you’ll probably see a few eccentric costumes, too.

10. Goa, India


The Indian city Goa, can rejuvenate energy and enthusiasm of celebration in anyone with its over whelming and beguiling beautiful beaches followed by tradition of serving fenny to guest on the eve of New Year. All the coast line resorts and joins together and makes the huge New Year celebration. This Indian state is also a favorite destination for Bollywood stars, whose New Year’s Eve antics throughout Goa serve up plenty of fodder for the tabloids.

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