Top 10 Places To Retire

Mark these Top 10 Places to Retire on your map to retreat your life after the uphill battles you fought before your retirement. It’s now time to get hands on to a new life and new beginning at a place where you could luxuriate in. Have a relaxing time at these Best Places To Retire in World and get a chance to fancy your extended holiday. Spend your time relaxing and enjoying the adventures of life, at these Great Places To Retire. Cherish your moments of retirement in one of these destinations, you are definitely going to be pleased with your days of rest.


Top Ten Places To Retire

Dig into the Top Ten Places To Retire and live it up to your extended vacations you earned in form of you retirement.


1. Ogden, Utah

Ogden, Utah

Appearing at number one position among the Top Ten Places To Retire, we have Ogden situated in Utah, United States. Surrounded by huge mountain ranges a beautiful city that will make you groove on the scenic beauty. As it is a primary seat for railroads which makes it an economically stable place. It has 12% less cost of living than that of the national average with housing cost ranging up to minimum amount of 124,000 dollars. Low crime rate, appropriate state tax system, warm climate, rainfalls with thunderstorms and snowfall during the winters are a few more highlights depicting a decent stay.


2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh the second largest city of Pennsylvania, United States dances on the second position among Cheapest Places To Retire. A sturdy, strong economy with average cost of living and minimal home price ranging up to 130,000 dollars. Pittsburgh offers a good number of doctors serving all of the population with a high rank in cycling and volunteering. Pittsburgh serves as a superior hub for all the steel manufacturing, Information technology and banking firms in US. The climatic conditions of this city will leap you through mildly snowy winters, summers are warm and humid and springs have mild sunlight. Offering mild climatic conditions with strong economic support and scenic beauty this is definitely a place one can look to reside after retirement.


3. Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson, South Carolina

With a housing rate ranging up to 135,000 dollars, the city of Clemson stances at number three position among the Great Places to Retire. Clemson hides in natural scenic beauty with warm climate and superior air quality. Situated at South Carolina in United States this city is renowned for its Clemson University, fort hill plantation, South Carolina Botanical Garden and many more. Very low crime rate and decent tax climate are a few more attention grabbing points for this state. It is known as a college town providing all the possible basic amenities like transportation, safety, education and more, to its residents.


4. Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bowling Green, Kentucky

With a cost of living 6% less than the national average and the approximate house cost is 138,000 dollars, Bowling Green stances at Number four. Take a foot into city where you can engage yourselves in museums, parks, swimming centers, sports and varied events. This city is majorly known for ‘Chevrolet Corvettes’ and ‘Western Kentucky University’. Bowling Green is a manufacturing hub for many leading companies which are General Motors, Chevrolet and Fruit of the loom. This city of Kentucky has a subtropical humid climate with late springs, snow falls and wet summers. Indulge into the feel of this city that has been developed with completely new standards of living.


5. Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, a perfect place to relax and have fun after you are retired from your hardship of work. With a 5% lee cost of living than the national average and 138,000 dollars of average housing  cost, this city gets a position at number five among Top Places To Retire. An architectural beauty, with an ages old historical background this city will take you to the old German era. Named after the Price Frederick of Prussia this city delights almost all the age groups. Warm summers, mild winters, atop average air quality, low crime rate, friendly environment and many more to enjoy in this city.


6. Abilene, Texas

Abilene, Texas

Fulfilling almost all the common necessities of the people, Abilene, stands at number six of our list of Top Ten Places To Retire. Higher standards of education, police safety, splendid hospital services, amalgamation of cultures all makes this a dream place to retire. Parks, museums and theaters will keep you entertained with many fairs and festivals organized in the city. The cost of living in this city will cost you 13% less than the national average with an approximate home price ranging up to 139,000 dollars. A splendid place to retire with almost all the basic necessities available for its residents. Abilene is one of the most significant cities located in the west central region of Texas.


7. Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

A beautiful place to sooth yourselves and indulge into the scenic beauty of the Port Saint Lucie, Florida in United States. With an average housing cost of 140,000 dollars and 5% below average cost of living bring this city to stand at number seven position. The warm coastal climate of Port Saint Lucie will offer appropriate residing conditions with its above average air quality. Basic amenities required to lead a simple, subtle life are available in the city that include a regulatory government, good education system, sports facilities, transportation and more. Mark this city in your check list of places and indulge into the peaceful, tranquile and soothing environment in this city of Florida.


8. Auburn, Alabama

Auburn, Alabama

Covered in lush green forests marked with humid weather, early springs, mid winters, warm autumns and many more. Standing with heads high at number eight we have Auburn, a metropolitan city in Lee County, Alabama, United States. Active public safety departments, decent economy and 11% below national average cost of living. 165,000 dollars is the minimum housing cost you will have to pay to take a house in this city. This city is a college town of Alabama, with Old cultural heritage and a very low crime rate. Enjoy the cities spirit of love for their football team with many other sports, very much prevalent among residents.


9. Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida

The “waterfront wonderland”, Cape Coral positions at number nine among the beat places to retire. It is Stationed on the Gulf of Mexico in the prime location of Lee County, Florida at United States. Airports, public transports, bridges, hospitals, roadways and basic utilities are available in the city. Humid, rainy, moderate  winters and warm climate conditions make it an exquisite place to live after retirement. The median home price of 165,000 dollars is offered for the residents with a bit above national average cost of living. Low crime rate, volunteering is marked high are a few more highlighting qualities of Cape Coral.


10. Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

At number ten in our list of Great Places To Retire we have Boise the capital city of Idaho United States. With 168,000 dollars average home price also rejoice in the low crime rate, dry climate, cycling and walking all around the city. Boise is one among the three most populated metropolitan cities of United States. This city is a headquarter for several companies mainly working as large manufacturing firms. Culturally the city engages itself into Jazz, theater, Indie Music with many fests and events organized all over the place. Hiking, biking, fishing swimming are just a few among many of the activities available for every individual. A place to freak out and have fun with the thrilling adventures you can have here.

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