Top 10 Places To Spend Christmas

Explore the world and see the extraordinary destinations to spend Christmas.  Make your Christmas more special and cherishing by discovering the celebrations of Christmas at every corner of the world. Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year and cities are be jeweled as ever in this time and these is the perfect period to visit these cities to enjoy the celebrations of Christmas with your family.  Find out the Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas and the specialties they can offer you to enjoy the festival.

List of  Places to Spend Christmas

1.  New York City
2.  London
3.  Nuremberg
4. Vienna
5.  Sydney
6.  San Juan
7.  Rovaniemi
8.  Quebec
9.  Prague
10.  Salzburg

Top Ten Places to Spend Christmas

Are you really excited about Christmas and wants to make it a big celebration for your family this time. Then, you are on the right place, find the Top Ten Places to Spend Christmas and and plan out your Christmas.

1. New York City, U.S

New York City, US

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree which is illuminated by eight kilometers of lights is the most attractive part of New York City at the time of Christmas. Skating under the tree’s light will give an amazing experience of winter’s and Christmas in the New York City.  It comes first at the list of top 10 places to spend Christmas.

2. London, Britain

places to spend christmas uk great

Visit London to have a mesmerizing experience of Christmas. London is always beautiful but at the time of Christmas, Oxford Street has lot to offer for shopping with thousands of shoppers jostling. The lights of happiness and glow on people’s face will enhance the joy and zeal of Christmas in the city of England, London.

3. Nuremberg, Germany

places to spend christmas newberg

If you have admiration for handmade nativity ornaments then you must visit Nuremberg, at the time of Christmas and have an enchanting experience of shopping. Visit after dark, when the colored lights create a fairy-tale spectacle. Each year the market is opened by the Nuremberg Christ Child, lass between 16 and 19 who is elected from a pool of contestants online.

4. Vienna, Austria

places to spend christmas vienna Austria

Vienna, the city turns into the city of lights, food, music and big events like New Year’s concert at the time of Christmas and ranked itself at number four on the top 10 places to spend Christmas. ChristKindlMarkets is famous worldwide for its unique collection of shops and architecture with twinkling decoration which looks more beautiful at night.

5. Sydney, Australia

places to spend christmas syndey austrilia

Whit snow has made your Christmas celebration monotonous then you must visit the Sydney to see the beautiful creation of God. Bondi beach can give you the best summer Christmas and have a unique experience of celebrating Christmas with trees, carols, gifts, parties, lights but with more than 35 degree.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico

places to spend christmas san aun condad

San Juan doesn’t get tired of celebrating Christmas for even two and half months. On Christmas Eve, many Puerto Ricans attend Misa de Gallo (midnight mass) to catch a re-enactment of the nativity. On New Year’s Eve, locals might make you eat 12 grapes for luck at the giant government-hosted party.  All these traditions are sure to make your Christmas more enchanting and soothing experience.

7. Rovaniemi, Finland

places to spend christmas sijanti

Real experience of Santa Clause riding on his sleigh with reindeer and white snow everywhere covering the entire city is all Rovaniemi has to offer you on the special occasion of Christmas. Make true all the fireside tales you told your child about Christmas and make him visualize the decorated Christmas trees with sparking lights and reindeer passing your window.

8. Quebec, Canada

places to spend christmas Untitled-1

Visit history, the old traditions that varies generations to generations, 16th-17th century stone houses and home cooking food, all you can get at the city Quebec Canada. Narrow streets lined with tiny, sparkling firs, buildings dusted with snow, music and live street theater exude Old World charm captured in a winter fairy tale. It can surely make your occasion more exciting and lavishing with the variety of traditions and food offered.

9. Prague, Czech Republic

places to spend christmas praque

Prague is a beautiful city and enjoyable for tourist at any given time of the year but Christmas make this city heaven with beautiful lights, scents and colors. Traditional dance of children in ethnic costumes with handmade puppets and wooden toys makes the magical performance to see on the special event of Christmas and make it more enjoying to visitors.

10.  Salzburg, Austria

places to spend christmas salzburg austriaq

Salzburg Christmas market which is actually a historic city center of the city is the main attraction of tourist at the seasonal time of Christmas. Salzburg has lot to offer to its visitors like traditional handicrafts, fine baked goods, aromatic tree ornaments and various other objects.  Salzburg Christmas market serves you the feast for wines and delicious foods.

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  1. Shaun Scowcroft

    If you plan to visit either Salzburg or Nuremburg then a trip to nearby.Munich is a must. The Christmas market held there in front of the town hall on Marienplatz is beautiful especially in the evenings. I would also recommend a visit to the enchanting little town of Rothenburg Orb De Tauber. The best preserved medieval town in Europe. This place is heave during Advent a definitely worth a visit.


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