Top 10 Places To Visit Before They Vanish

If every place on earth is there on your travel list then yours is the best list ever! You just need to alter that list and place a few destinations on priority because they might vanish soon! So don’t be late, grab the opportunity, steal some time out of your busy lives and visit these places. Escape to the most alluring and charismatic places on the earth and become a story teller to your kids or grand kids. Take the never taken roads, travel with them and you will discover some jaw-dropping sights. These places might soon get lost in the process of rapid development and can only be found in the history books! So it’s high time to experience them, see them, feel them and preserve them. Rapid development is not only changing our lifestyles and climate, but also the clichés! Reconsider the travel magazines from past and you will find numerous lists of ‘places to see before you die’ which has now become places to see before they disappear!


Here is the updated list of Top Ten places to see before they vanish. So don’t delay, make hay while the sun shines!


Top 10 Places To Visit Before They Vanish


1. Venice


Venice is pride of Italy. Venice is beautiful, romantic in short it’s a piece of art. Once you visit the place you will feel like staying there forever, but you can’t because it’s sinking. According to the reports it has sunk 9 inches in the last century. Check out the place because time is running out, and you are left with only 70 years or less! Venice will make your every moment special to an extent that you would not like to forget any! We are sure that when you will lie down on your old favorite pillow with eyes closed, Venice will come alive!


2. Maldives


Most of the islands in Maldives have been situated one meter above the sea level. The 2004 tsunami covered 40 % of Maldives and the country breathes under the constant threat of rising water level. It is believed that the islands will completely get submerged in the water if the rise continues with a fast rate. Crafted with beauty, gifted with serenity, bestowed with divinity Maldives is truly incredible! Lie down at a beach in Maldives and witness the sea, embrace the sun, while the moon shines through the darkness of the night. Visit once and you will remember it for all your life.


3. Seychelles


Located in Indian Ocean, Seychelles has 115 islands along with abundance of beautiful beaches. It is a place that will take you far away from the world. Seychelles stands amongst the top tourist destinations because its nature’s limited edition. Seychelles can be truly called a paradise on earth. Discover the place through Para sailing adventures, diving, and hiking or just lie down on the beach and you will come back with a lifelong hangover! Home to unique flora and fauna and amazing picturesque, the islands are fighting for their survival. Visit the place before the islands become slaves of continuously rising sea level.


4. Madagascar


Poaching, burning of farms and logging have reduced the life of Madagascar to only 35 years. Its ecosystem is natural habitat for various species of plants and animals that are indigenous to Madagascar. The list of places to go before they disappear is incomplete without Madagascar which is also home to famous 3 friends Alex, Gloria and Melmen! So, on your visit to the so called eighth continent you must visit Tsingy de Bemaraha, Avenue of the Baobabs, Masoala National Park and various other fascinating locations.


5. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Imagine how heaven looks like or visit the Glacier National Park, it’s the same thing. The park once had over 150 glaciers which have now reduced to only 27. These will vanish and you will only get their reference in stories and books. It is also believed that over a thousand species of plants and animals have become extinct. Plan your next vacation here at the park and witness some of the most captivating sights.


6. Patagonia


Like you fall short of words to describe a poet’s poetry or sun’s brightness you will fall short of words to describe the impressive sights of Patagonia. Located in South Africa the place is continuously getting altered because of climate change. It’s losing the ice; it might not disappear absolutely, but will not be able to retain its beauty for long. No matter how sad it is, we have to accept the fact that Patagonia stands among the 10 places to visit before they vanish. So from the moment you land there try to capture all of Patagonia in your eyes forever!


7. Alps


Alps an enormously grand and beautiful mountain range of Europe can be considered as the most beautiful frame in the world. But the rising temperature is damaging the beautiful landscape. The glacial ice is melting, and it’s estimated that if the temperature continues to rise, the mountain will disappear in 40 years. Go on enjoy skiing in the lap of Alps and take back home some snow like sparkling memories which will bring a broad smile on your lips.


8. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef makes it to the ten places to see before they disappear because it has been hampered by rapid industrialization. This largest Coral reef is under the threat of increasing ocean temperature. According to the experts it might lose 60% of reef by 2030, which were created in some 8000 years. So, lose the sight of the shore and dive into the most fascinating world of its crystal clear water.


9. Salt Sea

Salt Sea

Want to know what price we are paying for rapid development, we are losing the most beautiful places! Call it Dead Sea, Salt Sea or natural spa it’s got the healing touch in its water. Its deep, it’s scary, but it’s got minerals that are good for your health. Salt Sea is not just the highest concentration of salt, but also beauty! This Sea is thirsty of its preservation and together we can quench its thirst by visiting, appreciating and preserving it, before it’s gone! Do not lose the opportunity to visit the place once and it will stay in your heart and memories forever. We bet!


10. Ecuadorean Amazon

Ecuadorean Amazon

You surely will be amazed, thrilled and must be thanking your stars because you could observe the exotic Ecuadorean Amazon. Amazon has been globally acclaimed for its rain forests that are ecologically rich, purely divine and enormously grand. Lie down in the lap of Amazon and you will either appreciate it or appreciate it! A lifetime adventure is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for, ride on the next wave to Amazon for an unforgettable vacation.

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