Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Whether you love to party all night or explore the various attractions of Miami, the Atlantic south-east coastal city of Florida has got bag full of interesting activities for their visitors and sightseers. A home to world renowned beaches, nightclubs and museums, the urban makes sure that its holidaymakers experience some of the everlasting moments of life. So to have a clear view of the holiday destination, glance through our record of top 10 places to visit in Miami.

Top Ten Places to Visit in Miami

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1. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

An original Italian antique accompanied by 34 rooms, pools, formal fountain gardens and gazebos; Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a place to visit while in Miami. The European styled villa initially belonged to former businessman – James Deering and is now opened to public, making it a popular tourist attraction in Florida.  Designed in the Mediterranean Revival architecture style, the four hectares landscape and the building was laid out according to Tuscan Italian Renaissance models. The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens was built in between 1914 to 1923.

2. Art Deco District

Art Deco District - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Starting from artists, businesses, restaurants, preservationists, models, nightclubs to tourists; Art Deco District welcomes all to be a part of its mesmerising ambience with the mighty Atlantic surrounding it. It is a compact neighbourhood that provides unmatched tropical Art Deco architecture to visitors, setting the perfect scenario of 1930s elegance. The main access is Ocean Drive and to capture the best sunset moment, the second floor deck at Wet Willie’s bar serves right. The complete Art Deco District is said to have more than 800 buildings from the era when the theatrical style influenced the design world.

3. South Beach

South Beach - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

In order to stroll along golden sands, to catch the waves of a turquoise ocean or to watch roller-bladers gliding down the Ocean Drive, the South Beach is the absolute location. Frequented by celebrities and travellers from all across the globe, the place harbours a number of well defined hangout areas such as sidewalk cafés, lounge bars, designer boutiques and dusk-till-dawn clubs. Among them the Opium Garden, the Nikki Beach Club and the Joe’s Stone Crab are few names that have been offering the ideal spot to chill out after going through other attraction of Miami.

4. Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Also known as the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens or the Miami Metro Zoo, this is the oldest as well as the biggest zoological garden not only in Miami but even in Florida. This is one among the reasons why the place falls among the must see in Miami and draws the attention of thousands of visitors each year to know the 2000 plus animals dwelling in it. It is located on the old Richmond Naval Air Station and is the sole tropical zoo in the United States.

5. Miami Sea-Aquarium

Miami Seaquarium - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

The 38-acre Miami Sea-aquarium is a fabulous stop for all those who love to experience the thrill of an aquatic part full of whale, shark and dolphin among others. The park as well entertains visitors with exciting display of behaviour such as seal shows and dolphin interactions. Holidaymakers are also allowed to swim along with resident dolphins and to undergo the adventure that can be derived out of it. Welcoming approximately 500,000 visitors annually, Miami Sea-aquarium was opened to public for the first time on 24th September, 1955.

6. Jungle Island

Jungle Island - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Visiting the well know Jungle Island has been another adventurous doings that has been continuously counted among the top things to do in Miami. Located at the east of Downtown Miami, it was previously known as parrot Jungle. The jungle theatre is the most captivating arena of the themed park as it displays all sorts of wild animals found through the length and breadth of the earth. Besides, it even showcases exhibition of penguins, reptiles, bird show and flamingos.

7. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, located in South Coral Gables is a home to a wide range of exceptional tropical plants inclusive of cycads, vines, palms and flowering trees. Apart from being a renowned tourist attraction in Miami, the place also serves as a laboratory, conservation research facility, museum and a learning centre. A scintillating jewel, it is as well the place where the best Orchids of the United States can be found.

8. Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Running just in between the 17th and the 16th street of Miami Beach, the Lincoln Road is a pedestrian road bustled by restaurants, row of shops and galleries. Though it is not that expensive a place, it can offer the right environment to chill out with a three dollar beer or 50-cent bag of chips. Moreover the music which keeps playing at its backdrop makes things even more appealing and relaxing after touring tough through all the Miami attractions.

9. Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Built out of coral rock, the Venetian Pool is a public swimming pool dating back to 1920s and at present draws huge number of sightseers and travellers. The 820,000-gallon capacity pool is surrounded by coral rock caves, Venetian-style buildings, sandy beach area, vine-covered loggias, Spanish fountain and a cobblestone bridge. Completed in the spring of 1924, Venetian Pool was built by architect Phineas Paist.

10. Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art - Top 10 Places to Visit in Miami

Situated at the heart of North Miami’s downtown, Museum of Contemporary Art is our last entry into the record of top 10 places to visit in Miami. The centre was built with the intention to display temporary exhibitions along with the collections of these exhibitions. The internationally reputed architecture firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects has been responsible for the creation of the beautiful place.

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