Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Its summer again and every one of you might be planning to go out on a vacation with your families. Look for a destination which offers you the best atmosphere and facilities to pass your summer holidays. Everyone looks for a location where they can relax and enjoy different water sports or enjoy indoor activities. Top Summer Vacation Spots offer you best amenities like, luxury stays, adventure water sports and many more. Attractive scenic beauty, skiing, surfing, sailing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain climbing and many more attractive events can be enjoyed on a summer vacation. We present to you top summer retreat destinations, which you could prefer to plan your trip this summer.

Top Ten Summer Vacation Spots 

Here is a list of few best summer vacation spots, where you could enjoy the heat with your family.

1. Seattle 

Seattle - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Surrounded by astounding scenic beauty and ample of art and culture, Seattle promises a fascinating summer vacation. If you enjoy adventure and outdoor activities, you have options like camping, kayaking, rafting and hiking. Art lovers will love to enjoy the museums at Seattle which deals with unique glass blown pieces and paintings. The city also have beautiful parks, stunning views, snow covered mountains and emerald forests. With such amazing deals and activities Seattle gained its first place in the list of Top Ten Vacation Spots.

 2. Cape Cod

Cape-Cod - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

With its gorgeous beaches and a relaxed atmosphere Cape Cod attract many tourists. Summer vacations at this beautiful destination, will mesmerize you and your family. Cape Cod National Sea Shore is one of the most impressive spots to visit during your visit. Activities like skydiving, fishing, sailing, biking, wind surfing, fishing, whale watching and many more are available for the tourists. There are numerous options of beaches for you to relax and get a tan in the course of your stay at Cape Cod.

 3. Atlanta

Atlanta - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Atlanta will give you an amazing experience of historic locations, adventure trips and beautiful scenery. River activities, public spaces, parks, nature reserves, stone mountain hiking and many more activities are available for the tourists. Georgia aquarium, turner field and the skyline view of the city will surely create memorable moments to remember this summer. This destination will not only enhance your experience of adventure but will also sooth you with its unique history and culture.

4. Utah

Utah - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Hiking, jeep safari, horse riding, camping, boating, snowboarding and skiing are just a few adventure sports offered at Utah. With its amazing scenic beauty and a range of adventure sports this destination received a remarkable position among 2014 Travel Destinations. Utah also offers lot of historic as well as contemporary sites like church of Jesus Christ, temple square and many more. In summers you cannot miss the beautiful and stunning mountain landscapes, which will deliver you the peace of mind.

 5. Cancun

Cancun - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Cancun is a gorgeous holiday destination located at the south eastern end of Mexico.  This city has a very modern essence with number of water sport choices, deep sea fishing, tennis, golf and many other adventure activities. In the course of your stay in the city you will spent some extraordinary time relaxing and having fun in water. Nature parks and creeks are also present for tourists to enjoy diving and swimming with dolphins. For a relaxing and fun filled summer vacation, Cancun is a recommended destination.

6. Orlando

Orlando - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Termed as the magical or the dream city in Florida, Orlando serves as one of the best family vacation destinations. This summer might bring you the enchanted experience of the Disney World and the Sea World. Orlando offers facilities for all age groups, with its amazing theme parks, water parks, golf ranges and space and science centers. Spending your vacation in this city will leave you with many impressive memories and mystic moments.

 7. Dallas

Dallas - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Spend your summer vacations with your family at Dallas, most important city of Texas. This city offers beautiful scenery and a moderate climate for the tourists visiting in summers. The Della’s World Aquarium will daze you with the range of species that live there. Crocodiles, giant turaco, colourful toucans and monkeys are a few animals which could be located at the aquarium. They also organize outdoor activities like sailing, horse riding, fishing and ice skating.

 8. Charleston

Charleston - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

This city offers golf courses, untouched beaches, tennis courts, colossal battleships, well conserved architecture and much more. Charleston is one of the largest and oldest cities situated at South Carolina, which is surrounded by natural and scenic beauty. Adventure sports are organised by many resorts in Charleston, which comprise of Sailing, Kayaking and horseback riding. This beautiful city of South Carolina offers amazing summer vacation facilities to all the tourists.

9. Kansas City

Kansas-City - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

If you are a music and history follower, you would love to spend your summer holidays roaming around Kansas City. Known for its numerous fountains, Jazz and Blues scene and many barbeque restaurants have made the city a favored place for summer vacation. Families will enjoy spending time together at the Science City, where kids will enjoy different activities. With its range of museums and parks this city attracts a lot of families to spend their summer holidays here.

 10. Chicago

Chicago - Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

Want to enjoy the attractive museums, parks and beaches in your summer breaks. Chicago offers a perfect summer time, where you could enjoy a fun and happening family vacation. There are loads of festivals which you could enjoy in this season, like the Chicago air and water show, the Chicago Jazz festival, taste of Chicago and the Chicago Blue’s festival. Lincoln Park zoo, Millennium Park, bike rides at Michigan Lake, remarkable sightseeing from sky deck and many more activities can be enjoyed under the sun in this windy city. Chicago offers a moderate summer, with very attractive cultural heritages and shopping destinations.

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