Top 10 Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Escape to a lover’s paradise and relight your romance in one of the most idealistic Valentine’s Day destinations. Schedule a holiday trip and gift your love the most romantic vacation to celebrate the beauty of your relation in an extravagant way. Head to one of the places regarded as the top 10 Valentine’s Day destinations and rejoice the passionate occasion with your beloved by your side. From ancient cities to beautiful beaches we present here the list of most romantic getaways in the World, to make your Valentine’s Day worth remembering.

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Read further to know in details about the Top Ten Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World as to make your Valentine’s Day special.

1. Paris

Paris - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Synonymous with love, Paris deserves to be visited throughout the seasons and especially during the month of Valentine. From the first hour of sunrise till sunset, the city does not fail to be the perfect destination for a romantic break with ample lot of passionate things to do with your dear one. Book a room at one of the famous luxury hotels and let yourself be pampered or look across the stunning views of the city with your loved one and capture few of the best memories of life.

2. New York

New York - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

With hundreds of fervent and lovely places to hang around such as ice skating in Rockefeller center, a carriage ride in Central Park, or a romantic show on Broadway, New York is one of the top 10 Valentine’s Day destinations chosen by lovebirds. Besides there is no shortage of adorable hotels, restaurants and bars perfect for couples with Valentine’s Day specials.

3. Venice

Venice - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

With its undying passionate charms, Venice is still the most interesting and enthusiastic places across the globe, to be visited on the Valentine’s Day. Once in Venice, a couple can explore everything from traditional Venetian dishes, dancing in St. Mark’s Square by night, walking over the bridge of sights to visiting an island like Murano. As Venice is the world’s only pedestrian city, couples can go for a long beautiful walk to spend a real romantic time.

4. Tuscany

Tuscany - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Spending your Valentine’s Day on the west coast of Italy, in Tuscany, is the ideal way to celebrate your love. Apart from wandering in beautiful cities and looking at Renaissance art, a couple can also go for balloon rides with champagne breakfast, walk along its narrow streets and have candle light dinner with Tuscan delicacies in restaurants meant for couples only. For mountain lovers, locations nestled between the hills of Siena and the plains of the Maremma, is a wonderful choice for a romantic getaway with the relaxing surroundings of a Tuscan hilltop village.

5. Maldives

Maldives - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Fifth in the row of top ten Valentine’s Day destinations, Maldives has not ceased to remain a favourite among lovers over the years with pristine beaches, crystal clear lagoons, sandy beaches etc. One can enjoy private bungalow, with glass floor above the turquoise water and a candle light dinner on the beach – the perfect way to take pleasure in on your Valentine’s Day and making it memorable through the years to come. It is also the best option to relax, sip cocktails, swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the company of your loved one.

6. Rome

Rome - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Rome is worth visiting with your partner if you wish to get lost in the sprawling setting of stone and marble architecture and fountains of Renaissance Rome this Valentine’s Day. Take a walk or a boat tour on the River Tiber; simply to explore the amazing views of the eternal city can be a great valentine activity. In this way you can escape from the major tourist routes and feel as if you are in a small medieval village, not a capital city.

7. Prague

Prague - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

With awe-inspiring sights and first class restaurants and hotel to impress your interest of love, Prague is about as romantic as you can imagine about. Regarded as one of Europe’s most charming and beautiful cities, Prague a modern and vibrant metropolis full of energy, music, cultural art, fine dining and special events catering to a visitor’s thirst for adventure. The river runs through the heart of the city, so you can admire many of the Prague attractions as you glide effortlessly through the centre on a dinner cruise and attend any Opera or Black Light Theatre performance in the evening.

8. Hawaii

Hawaii - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Renowned as the “celestial Mecca”, Hawaii can afford one of the most romantic vacations for lovebirds looking out to celebrate their love in a special way. Starting from strolling through the white sandy beaches, watching the sun go down to live entertainment; the city has got everything that can make a one’s stay most passionate and memorable. It is also the only state where one can gaze at the North star as well as the Southern Cross.

9. San Francisco

San Francisco - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

San Francisco is yet another great option to spend time with your sweetheart on the Valentine’s Day. Couples can engage in the bizarre tradition of pillow fight on this special day. Beside there are countless wonderful places for dinning, shopping and go for spa. Overall the city gives an awesome experience to be cherished throughout.

10. Edinburgh

Edinburgh - Valentine’s Day Destinations in the World

Amidst the unique style and character of a vibrant Celtic city set on the hills of Scotland, Edinburg can be another Valentine’s Day destination with cobbled winding street, cafes, boutiques, Edinburg Castle and Carlton Hill to impress your heart throb on this special day. Also the city is gifted with many country houses where you can get intimate together in front of a roaring open fire.

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