Top 10 World’s Scariest Train Rides

Ever bitten by a travel bug? If yes, then you must have experienced the pleasure derived from travelling like a vagabond by a train. Trains are more than just speed, sceneries, countryside views, meadows and peaking hills. It’s about chatting with your fellow travellers, reading a book while appreciating the natural beauty, or just strolling around the compartment, hearing out the tales and much more. But what will be the scenario when you are all aboard on one of the Scariest Train Routes in the World? Some of the train routes tread tremendous heights, enough to make you sweat in cold. Sounds like fun, eh? So let’s start creating a list of Top Ten World’s Scariest Train Rides that can pull enough jitters throughout your body:


Top Ten World’s Scariest Train Ride



Bernina Railway

Located in Switzerland, Bernina Railway is prevalently said to be an ‘adhesion railway,’ and is classified as the precipitous rail ride in the country. If you are an enthusiastic lover for history, and have a penchant historical exploration about the Swiss and Italian link, you will find yourself enjoying to the fullest amongst the steepest slopes, old cottages, hypnotic snow-capped foothills and much more.



Tramway Du Mont-blanc

Amongst the list of Scariest Train Rides of the World, Tramway du Mont Blanc in France is the best way for an adrenaline-filled date. Said to be a perfect ride to enjoy countryside, any person will have plenty of time to appreciate inclined nature trails and summits. Ranked as the fourth highest railway in the whole of Europe, one is obliged to book tickets and jump aboard for a thrilling experience.



Pilatus Bahnen

Do you wish to ride on the steepest hills in Switzerland? Then Pilatus is your ultimate ride. A gearwheel railway located at 7,000 feet above sea level, Pilatus is said to be an amalgamation of fun and adventure. With a time slot of not more than an hour, the ride can set your guts on fire, making you feel your heart in your mouth.



Manitou And Pike’s Peak Railway

Have you ever travelled on cog trains? If not, then this is your ultimate opportunity. The Manitou and Pike’s Peak Railway in Colarado Springs, USA, is the ultimate destination for enthusiasts who are willing to hop on World’s Scariest Train Rides. The ultimate characteristics include Swiss built rail cars, bio-diesel engine, and classic interiors and threading highest and stretchable distances, this ride is an absolute delight. Total time taken is 3 hours over the utmost tracks in North America.




Jungfraubahn is devoted to be the highest railway network in Europe and is said to be the ultimate medium of witnessing snow-glazed glaciers and mountains. The train travels through three different tunnels being carved from different mountains. For those expecting some hiking experience, this ride is your way to heaven.



Qinghai–Tibet Railway

Want to witness a whirling and adventurous experience? Pack your bags and hop aboard for the ultimate train voyage from Golmud to Lhasa, the highest rail network right above the ‘Tibetan Roof Top”. Both highest and longest train network in the world, it tracks smoothly on an ice-covered ground, with a rapid speed of 120 Kmph (enough to make your heart explode). That’s the ride one should never miss.



Gornergrat Bahn

Amongst the list of Top 10 World’s Scariest Train Rides, Gornergrat Bahn emerges as the foremost electric railway in Switzerland, and is the ultimate gateway for mystic mountains, towering views of snow-dusted Alps and thick-green forests. Constructed within a slot of 2 years, it reaches the highest point at an altitude of 3,000 meters, giving you some exceptional pictures.



Ferrocarril Lima Huancayo

With tracks starting from Lima to Huancayo in Peru, Ferrocarril Lima is tagged as the second highest rail tracks in the world, and comes across as a dream trip of every nomadic enthusiast. Within the ride, one gets to observe six different types of weather conditions with enthralling curves and steeps, thus giving you a spine-chilling experience. A must be on your to-do list!



Rigi Cog Railway

A gearwheel train, Rigi is famous for its sunset rides, delicious feast and marvellous view of 13 lake glaciers, which can be easily pointed out from the highest peak. The ride is more of a heavenly bite rather than an adventure-blissed journey. It is a comfortable voyage, and safe when traveling with children and family.



Bavarian Zugspitze Railway

The “numero uno” on your enticing bucket list, Bavarian Zugspitze Railway turns out to your dream adventurous trip. Constructed on the highest peak in the hillsides of Germany, one can reach the spot from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The journey is compelling and thrilling.

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