Top 10 Strangest Lakes

If we turn our attention from the rolling mountains and the white sand beaches to the Top 10 Strangest Lakes, we will get to notice certain landscapes and geological features that will not only leave you thrilled but as well astonished seeing its peculiarity. Starting from the Jellyfish Lake to the Lake Natron, we will be addressing the 10 Strangest Lakes in The World that have been drawing the attention of experts and tourists, alike.


Top Ten World’s Strangest Lakes

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1. Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake

Located in one of the Rocky Islands of Palau called Eil Malk, the Jellyfish Lake is a marine lake which is completely filled with varied sized golden jellyfishes. The strange thing about this species is that they evolved without the ability to sting and thus does no harm to humans. They are also the only kind found in this particular lake. Anyone who pays a visit to the lake area can notice soft jellyfish floating around basking in the sunlight.


2. Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier

Though west Australia is a home to a number of extraordinary lakes, the Lake Hillier is the one that falls in the category of top 10 strange lakes of the world as it appears like a solid pink bubble gum from. It is situated on Middle island, the largest of all the islands that form Recherche Archipelago on the coast of Esperance. The 600 metres long lake is surrounded by sand dunes as well as thick woodland of eucalyptus and paperbark trees. The colour of the lake is permanent and does not alter even after collecting it in a container. Lake Hillier was first visited during January 1802 by the Flinders Expedition.


3. Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada

Lying in the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia, the Laguna Colorada is a unique lake popular as the red lagoon due to the blood red tint in its water. It has been found out that the strange colour of the water is due to the presence of algae and red sediments in it. As it is accompanied by beautiful flora, fauna and mesmerising landscape; this area has aloes been a welcoming tourist spot.


4. The Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake

Filled with bubbling greyish-blue water creating an envelope of vapour clouds, the Boiling Lake occupies the fourth position among the strangest lakes in the world. it is located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and was sighted for the first time in 1870 by two English men posted in Dominica – Mr. Watt and Dr. Nicholls. In order to reach the lake travellers need to hike 13 kilometres from a road passing the sulfur spring. Though its length is 200ft (63m), its actually depth is still unknown. The surrounding of the Boiling Lake is covered with pumice, clay and small stones.


5. Lake Manicouagan

Lake Manicouagan

Covering an area of 1,942 km sq. the Lake Manicouagan is an annular lake with its location located in Central Quebec. In fact it is the largest lake of this type and when viewed form top resembles the eye of Quebec. This remarkable water body is the perfect circular ring form by nature. Lake Manicouagan as well serves as a reservoir for the hydroelectric power system offering power to the neighbouring residents. It is believed that the crater took form as a result of a meteor that struck the earth214±1 million years ago.


6. Pitch Lake

Pitch Lake

Staying true to its name, the Pitch Lake is actually composed of natural asphalt covering 40 hectare in length and 75 metre in depth. Every year, it draws the attention of over 20,000 visitors owing to its weirdness. It is situated in southwest Trinidad near a village called La Brea and is said to hold ten million tons of pitch. Another amazing fact about the lake is that the asphalt present in it still continues to move with its normal mobility. Till date none have came up with a definite conclusion regarding its size and formation.


7. Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake

Relatively a shallow lake as compared to its counterparts, Medicine Lake is a part and parcel of the Maligne Valley, around 20 km southeast of Jasper, Alberta. Geologically, it is not exactly a lake instead a water body formed due to the sudden disappearance of the Maligne River. During the summer months the lake overflows with water while during the colder days it shrinks and becomes a mudflat. Through there are no visible channels connecting the Medicine Lake, it is through the sinkholes that water seeps in and out of the lake, resembling a bathtub.


8. Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Another lake that grabs the attention of top 10 weird lakes in the world is the Dead Sea with Palestine and Israel to west and Jordan to the east. All though it has the tag of a sea, it is basically a lake which is notoriously known as the Salt Sea owning to the sodium chloridecontent of it. The salt percentage of the lake is so high that it not only allows a person to float on it but also fails to support any sort of life except microbial fungi and few bacteria. Given to this fact, Dead Sea has also been a tourist place since thousands of years.


9.  Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie took birth when water started accumulating on the surface of watertight layer of decaying leaves and twigs. The unpolluted crystal clear water of the lake despite adding an additional beauty to its surrounding of pure white silica; it cannot support life. Queensland, Australia is the home of Lake McKenzie and stretches over an area of 1,200 metres accompanied by depth of 930 metres. The Australian reality game show had used the lake as its roadblock destination.


10. Lake Natron

Lake Natron

The reason why Lake Natron can been seen among the top 10 unique lakes in the world is because it has the capacity to burn animal’s eyes and skin with its high percentage of sodium carbonate and other minerals. The salt lake can be found close to the Kenyan border of Tanzania. Lake Natron is hardly 9.8 feet deep and falls within the Lake Natron Basin Wetlands.

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