Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations

It’s always a sad day when another young healthy man decides to take the plunge and bid farewell to his singledom and walk that last mile in to a stable life. I shudder at the thought of what insane reasoning, could have convinced him to do that. What dark magic could it be that makes a man willingly give up his freedom. They say its love and prattle about stuff like a change in priorities and what not, I say that’s hogwash. No matter what the reason for this insanity, it is your responsibility, nay it is your duty to make his last night (as a bachelor) as memorable as legally possible. So here is our list of the Top ten bachelor party destinations from around the world.

Top Ten Bachelor Party Destinations

Read on to find out the best place to spend your last day as a single man in our list of the best bachelor party destinations.

1. Chicago

Chicago - Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations

Third largest city in United States Chicago caters its tourists with fun nightlife, outstanding restaurants, excellent museums and a hub for sports. One of the Modern cities with lively downtown offers endless entertainment everywhere that definitely attracts a lot of bachelors. Biking, Hiking, fishing, kayaking, golf and many more active sports are available at this destination, a fiesta for any bachelor party. For whole of the summer the Beaches like Montrose, Oak Street, North beach and Ohio Street in the city come alive and attract a huge male population. Night clubs, Hotels, restaurants and lounges are available there for you entertainment and relaxation.

2. Montreal, Quebec

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Montreal

Montreal, Canada’s party town is by all means one of the best bachelor party destinations. Amazing nightclubs, hordes of trendy bars and streets crowded with pretty ladies, what more could you ask for? These are, after all, the basic ingredients for a bachelor party. It’s almost impossible to get bored around here. The Tokyo bar on St Laurent Boulevard is the place to get totally hammered, the gorgeous ladies, multiple rooms with different scenes and a roof area are what make this bar. Montreal also has this scene where the restaurants turn into lounge/nightclubs as it starts to get late which is just spectacular. If you have nothing much to do, just taking a walk down the streets can be entertaining enough.

3. Miami

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Miami

If you’re looking for a more tropical location for your bachelor extravaganza, ladies and gentlemen look no further, stop thinking and just head straight to the beach capital Miami. South beach, Florida is the place to be if you’re going to be spending your last day as a single man. There are plenty of possibilities from betting to playing golf. If you’re a party freak, you will not regret heading over to Miami where parties can go all the way to wee hours of the mornings. Clubs like the SoBe are famous for their parties which usually go up to 5:00 am. Miami is also probably one of those destinations where you can just head over, even if you don’t really have any plans although you might want to avoid the hurricane season. The party town of Miami has earned its spot in the Top 10 Bachelor party destinations.

4. New Orleans

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - New Orleans

Well if you have any doubts about New Orleans I have two words for you “Mardis Gras”. This is probably the best time to visit this great place. Mardis Gras is the world’s biggest party of the year, apart from Carnival that is. There is absolutely no dearth of entertainment thanks to the massive party going on all around town and on the streets. The Bourbon Street is an absolute must for all visitors and specially on national holidays. The place takes the word party to an entire new level. The food is an absolute joy, feel free to try any pork related food and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. There are more than enough betting dens for you to squander your wealth and ample bars to make you forget all that aforementioned wealth squandering.

5. Charleston

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Charleston

Charleston offers a lot of fun places to be at when you’re there. The Bay Street and the Market Street are pretty much paved with a whole host of fun bars to drink at.  When it comes to food, Charleston features some of the most famous restaurants in USA. Joints like Husk and The Ordinary are a must visit and should definitely be on your list. If you’re a golfer you definitely need to try out the ocean course at Kiawah Island.  You can head over to Charleston almost anytime but whatever you do try to avoid the Hurricane season because the weather is far from ideal that time of the year.

6. Austin

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Austin

Austin, Texas, the live music capital and the best place to catch hold of a few concerts while you’re in town specially if you head over there during one of the two major music festivals. Apart from that there is absolutely no lack of things to do. If you want to get drunk just head on over to the sixth street or if you want to you can also try Warehouse district and the fourth street. When it comes to food head on over to any barbeque joint or a steak house and you will not regret it. Apart from food and booze there are plenty of golf courses to shoot a few holes.

7. Bangkok

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Bangkok

If you’re thinking exotic then you’re obviously thinking Bangkok. Asia’s Las Vegas, Bangkok has got all the ingredients for a smashing bachelor party from food, betting, drinking to ‘entertainment’ (if you get my drift). Bangkok sports some of the most exotic nightclubs to party, not to mention the whole slew of bars that are definitely worth a shot (or two). You have plenty of choice when it comes to food, you can try some local cuisine, grab a bite from a street vendor or eat whatever you want. Bangkok offers all kinds of food, western, Asian, European anything.

8. Rio de Janeiro

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Rio de Janeiro

If you want to party and party hard you, Rio is definitely the place for you, and if don’t want the party to stop go during the carnival, the biggest party in the entire world that goes on for four days straight. Imagine the people parading in the streets in colourful costumes, dancing on the streets and loud music everywhere. Apart from the monumental parties you can also try hang gliding or if you’re feeling particularly green you can always go hiking on a trail. For a Bachelor party carnival is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro

 9. Whistler, Canada

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Whistler Canada

Whistler is probably the best place to visit if you like snow and skiing. Whistler has some amazing slopes for all skiing enthusiasts and guarantees some thrills. If Skiing isn’t your thing, then you can always check out some of the bars around the place. The Buffalo Bill bar is guaranteed place to pick up a hangover and the energetic vibe not to mention the upbeat crowd is what makes this place one of the best bachelor party destinations.

10. Scottsdale, Arizona

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations - Scottsdale Canada

Golf excursions have become quite a trend when it comes to bachelor parties and that’s what gets Scottsdale, Arizona on our list. Scottsdale has over 200 golf courses for you to swing around in and practice to your heart’s content. If you get tired of Putting you can always head over to the nearest steakhouse like the Kona grill. Apart from golf and food, the nightlife in Scottsdale is totally off the charts. You should definitely make it a point to head over to SIX and dance a little, or you can always head over to Axis or Radius, two other upbeat attractions you wouldn’t want to miss.

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