Top Ten Cruise Lines

Still waters indeed run deep, and if you are planning a vacation to be spent on the sea, check out the Top Ten Cruise Lines that we have sorted for you. Undulating waves, lavish ambience of the ship, and making new friends while on board sure sounds fascinating. But, arranging a holiday on a ship can be quite tiresome, especially when you have swarming old and new cruise lines coming up. Well, take a simple way out and read the Top Ten Best Cruise Lines in the World that we have organized for your convenience. So, ready for the bon voyage?


Top Ten Cruise Lines

Take note of the Top Ten Cruise Lines to indulge in luxury and enjoy your dream vacation floating across the waters.


1. Majestic Line

Majestic Line

At number one, we have the Majestic Line, a cruise line owned by two natives, a doctor and an architect. Cruising on to vessels, these are essentially traditional fishing boats transformed into six suites. Sailing through the sea lochs of Argyll and islands of Hebrides, the Majestic Line captivates a variety of wildlife, culture and history garnished with their spectacular food and hospitality. The cruise line sets itself apart from the rest as it provides an assortment of itineraries inclusive of many options of anchorage, making the picturesque Scotland personally accessible to the cruisers.


2. Hebridean Island Cruises-

Hebridean Island Cruises

Making it at the second place in the list of Ten Best Cruise Ships in the World is the ultra-luxurious, all-inclusive Hebridean Island Cruises which has been laying the touchstone since 1989. Decorated in classic country house style, the 5-Star, Hebridean Princess explores the Hebrides Islands, Scotland’s craggy Western Coast and Northern Ireland. The Cruise line offers the elegance of first class accommodation to the passengers; so much so that Queen Elizabeth II went on to celebrate her eightieth birthday aboard. Experiences of a lifetime, the cruisers are all praises for the Hebridean Island Cruises, as it soaks up the rich history and enigmatic culture of the ports.


3. Hurtigruten


A charming answer to touring the Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway, Hurtigruten is the most comprehensive Norwegian cruises. Securing its position at the third slot in the catalogue of Top Ten Cruise Lines in the World, Hurtigruten is a daily passenger and freight ship navigating through 34 ports of calls inclusive of some above the Arctic Circle. The ships house approximately 646, mostly European passengers, and have been operating since 120 years. MS Farm, a 278-passenger expedition ship hosts trips to Greenland and Iceland in order to marvel at the glaciers.


4. A Rosa River Cruises

A Rosa River Cruises

A subsidiary of P&O Princess Cruises, A Rosa was inaugurated in 2001. Functioning on three river boats; the cruise offers Rhine, Rhone/Saone and Danube itineraries for the English speaking market. Other than that, it operates 11 European river boats, equipped with fleet of bikes, indoor and outdoor restaurants as well as spas, salons and fitness facilities. Nestled at the fourth rank in the record ofTop Ten Best Cruises, this river cruise is an escape from the ordinary for the travelers. Exploring the European waters, A Rosa stands true to its German legacy.


5. CroisiEurope


The undisputed leader of the European cruise market, CroisiEurope is a French Company set up way back in 1976. Harboring 40 river ships and barges, itineraries include the tour of France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Germany. Recently, the cruise line purchased 4 river ships on the Mekong for Cambodia and Vietnam voyages. The 84 passenger MS Lafayette was inaugurated lately at Strasbourg. In the List of the Top Ten Best Cruise Lines, CroisiEurope humbly rests at number five.


6. Compagnie du Ponant

Compagnie du Ponant

Launched as the first French cruise ship, Compagnie du Ponant was founded in April 1988. This cruise line initially began its journey with a three-masted, 64-passenger Le Ponant. It now has three, almost identical ships, Le Boreal, Le Soleal and L’Austral. Focusing mainly on casual luxury, cautiously curated food and French wine, itineraries include voyages through Europe, Asia, South America and Antarctica among many others.


7. Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions navigates through the Peruvian Amazon. Functioning on two all-suite ships which play host to 20 and 32 travelers, this cruise line is more like a custom-designed grand floating hotel. You shall find high class French and English speaking individuals basking in the sumptuous ambience of the Aqua Expeditions. The cruise line is enlarging its ambit of operation this year, reaching out to the Mekong River in the Southeast Asia with its latest 40-passenger luxury ship, Aqua Mekong.


8. Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions

Equipped with the specialty of sailing on ice-packed waters, Quark Expeditions is a haven for those who love adventure. Founded in 1991, this is an environment-friendly expedition line which cruises on five 111 to 189 passenger ships through the waters of the Arctic, Antarctic and the Polar region. Featuring at the eighth slot in the register of the Top Ten Best Cruise Ships in the World, the Quark Expedition holds the record of having the most powerful icebreaker in the world, the nuclear powered 50 Years of Victory, in its fleet of ships.


9. Louis Cruises

Louis Cruises

A Cyprus based cruise line; the Louis Cruises navigates from Cyprus, France, Italy, Greece and India. Quality, satisfaction and happiness is what the cruise line lives by, introducing unexplored idyllic islands to the travelers. Operating on three, 895 to 1,664-passenger ships, Louis Cruises offers reasonable itineraries around the Greek Isles and Turkey. A division of the Louis Group, the cruise line also has two ships under UK’s Thomson Cruises. The fifth largest cruise operator in the world, the cruise line was named the “Greek Passenger Line of the Year” by Llyods List in December 2010, at their annual Greek shipping Awards Ceremony.


10. Emerald Waterways

Emerald Waterways

Making it at number ten in the List of the Top Ten Best Cruises in the World we have Emerald Waterways, the first new river cruise line in Europe since six years. With its 182-passenger “Star Ships” Emerald Star and Emerald Sky, the cruise line has brought innovative ideas in the business like incorporating a swimming pool in the ship. Not only that, the swimming pool can also be converted into a movie theatre as per the wishes of the guests. Sailing on affordable itineraries, Emerald Waterways explores the Rhine and Danube.

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