Top 10 Winter Travel Destinations

If you’re looking to escape the gloomy winter days and bask under the glorious sunshine or Skiing along the snow-capped mountains then probably you need to visit the locations that have been selected by us as the best winter travel destinations. Whether it is the celebration of Christmas, Honeymoon or New Year, these locations can afford end number of awe-inspiring activities to conclude your trip as the perfect vacation. Thus, scroll ahead to identify the places that have been chosen as the best destinations to stroll away your winter break.

Top 10 Winter Vacation Spots

Get to know the top ten winter travel destinations in details and plan out your next vacation in one of these locations.

1. South Africa

South Africa - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

Temperature ranging from 16 to 18 degree Celsius, South Africa is the best winter travel destination for those seeking out for delta wildlife, breathtaking scenery, fabulous food and stunning beaches. While Garden Route is popular for its stretches of golden sand coastline on the other hand a visit to the Thukela Waterfall in KwaZulu-Natal can afford adventurous activities such as kayaking, hiking, paragliding, climbing, birding and camping. Additionally; Cape Town, Garden Route, Western Cape, Overberg Coast etc are other must visit sites.

2. Norway

Norway - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

From dog sledging to ski resorts, Norway is the perfect place for winter vacations. The best thing about the location is that one can indulge in free cross-country skiing along the well prepared tracks. For a glimpse of the Arctic expedition history, the Polar Museum is the ultimate option. Moreover, Norway is also the place where one can go hunting for the northern lights.

3. Berlin

Berlin - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

The capital city of Germany, Berlin has been one among the top winter travel destinations with an awesome backdrop for Christmas. The metropolis can boast of end number of Christmas markets making it the ideal place for pre-Christmas shopping and Xmas celebration. Besides, Berlin harbours few historically significant museums as it has witness the complete Hitler phase.

4. Guatemala

Gautemala - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

Surrounded by colourful rainforest and exotic wildlife, Guatemala is an ideal location for the adventurous heart to explore its beauty under the mild sun of December to February. It is a magical place that offers unforgettable memories of its beachfront bars and rainforest temples. Mesmerising views and parties held in the name of Christmas and New Year celebration are other reasons why tourist loves to throng during these months.  

5. Canary Island

Canary Island - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

With excellent climate round the year; Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura are the most visited destinations among the seven atolls of Canary Island. Travelled during the cold months can assure one with abundance of sea activities, winter sun and taste of Spanish culture. The warmth of the isle can be described as bacon laid out in the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Egypt

Egypt - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

Cities such as Cairo, Luxor, Kom-ombo, Edfu and Aswan have made Egypt one of the best winter vacation destinations with its stunning sightseeing and authentic cultural experiences. Despite being surrounded by the Sahara desert, Western Egypt is a haven of unforgiving landscape dotted with small yet modern hotels reflecting the cultural contiguous. On the other hand, Siwa Oasis has earned a name for its salt lake, shifting dunes, ancient temples and hot springs.

7. Namibian Coast

Namibia - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

Namibia being a part of the Southern hemisphere, here end May to October are the months when temperature starts falling. This is also the time when the land ceases to receive rainfall, making it suitable for travellers to explore its national parks. Walvis Bay lagoon is yet another attraction of the Atlantic Coastal city as it is the home to various types of flamingos.

8. Miami

Miami - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

Among all the American cities, Miami leads the list of best winter vacation spots. With temperature ranging in mid 70 degree Fahrenheit its white sand beach is not only a favourite destination for fashionable New Yorkers but also for travellers from across the world. Besides, its party clubs and nonstop festivals are the other attractions that lure a visitor to this beautiful Latin American City.

9. Goa

Goa - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

Though there are many tourist destinations across India, Goa is the most preferred one during the winter days due to its party atmosphere and pleasant weather. Due to this, it is also popular among newly wedded ones, making it the best honeymoon destination in the country. Moreover, it is a Christian majority state and thus December is the perfect month for visit when everything from beaches to market is full of Xmas spirit.

10. Nagano, Japan

Nagano - Top 10 Winter Travel Spots

Nagano in Japan grabs the last position among the top 10 best winter travel destinations, across the globe. The fact that it is an ex- Winter Olympics host city, it harbours a number of ski resorts that are currently open for tourist. Its natural hot springs, history-linked museums and snow covered Buddhist temples are the added perks for the metropolis.

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