Top 10 Addictive Facebook Games

Incredible Facebook games have made the social networking site more addictive and engrossing. Ever since the site was launched in 2004, each year it has came up with some interesting and beguiling games that can be played online with other FB users. Here we have selected the record of top 10 Facebook games featuring the most popular and well accepted games of the year. To identify them in details, continue reading the write up.

Top Ten Addictive Facebook Games

Be a part of the top ten Facebook Games and display your skills by playing the best games on Facebook.

1. Dragon City

Dragon-City Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
Developed by Social Point, Dragon City is the most exciting game on Facebook currently, where the player needs to breed dragons to get the most remarkable and amazing creatures. The main focus of the game is to become the dragon master of all elements by combating against other players with one’s own team of dragons. As of January 2013, this game has been played by as many as 6.8 million people from all over the earth. Dragon City’s popularity on Facebook has driven its developer to release a mobile version of it.

2. CityVille

CityVille Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
CityVille’s strategy of developing and running a new city with the help of friends had made the game one of the best game on Facebook. It is a freemium game designed by Zynga during December 2010. It was Zynga’s largest release with 100,000 players on the day of its launch.

3. Farmville 2

Farmville-2 Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
Farmville 2 is not only the third highest played Facebook game but is also the most addictive online social game. Like its original version even this one allows its players to get engrossed in creating a vibrant 3D countryside to meet various interesting characters. Its popularity among Facebook users are increasing with every passing day and according to survey, at present there are 10 million players obsessed with its attractive gaming tactics.

4. Criminal Case

Criminal-Case Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
With one new investigation coming up every week, Criminal Case is a Facebook game that is spreading like virus among the online players. The graph success of the game can be attained by solving the secrets to all the criminal cases. It already has more than 7 million daily active players rating it as one of the best game on Facebook. Criminal Case has captivated more of female gamesters covering 60% of total players. It was launched by Pretty Simple, French social game developers.

5. 8 Ball Pool

8-Ball-Pool Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
Launched by Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool is the most played multiplayer game on Facebook. Owing to its vogue, at present, it is also a leading iPhone app with incredible and exceptional features. Players have even reported of getting obsessed with it and feel like playing as soon as one log into his/her FB account. 8 Ball Pool is started with 1 on 1 matches and proceeds into multiplayer tournaments to win the billiards crown.

6. Café World

Cafe World
Café World is the second most popular Facebook game introduced by Zynga. Even after four years of its release, the classic restaurant themed game still continues to be one among the top 10 Facebook games. Striving to become a master chef by developing a food empire is what the entire game is all about. It is a cost free game with 2.6 million active players per month.

7. Mafia Wars

Mafia-Wars Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
Credit goes to 8 million monthly players who have made Mafia Wars a leading online social game. Gamesters need to fight with other online players, competing task to win rewards and to build one’s own mafia. During 2009, it was also the Webby Award People’s Voice Winner. Recently Mafia Wars has been added to Android and iPhones along with numerous other social networking sites. In addition to this, the game is available in eight different languages.

8. Texas HoldEm Poker

Texas-HoldEm-Poker Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
Another Zynga game that draws the attention of the best game on Facebook list is none other than the notorious Texas HoldEm Poker. It is like the simple card game  played online. With the game’s launch in July 2007, Zynga has become the world’s largest site in the genre. It also serves the purpose of being an awesome PC game. Apart from English, Texas HoldEm Poker is as well available in Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Portuguese and French.

9. Gods War

Gods-War Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
In Gods War the player needs to be in midst of the ancient Athens-Sparta war accompanied by minotaurs, wizards and walking tree creatures. All these features make it an interesting robust that increases the spice of the game after completing each quest. It keeps the player glued to the proceeding of the activities and this has helped Gods War to rank among the hit games played over Facebook.

10. Zoo World

Zoo-World Game - Top 10 Facebook Addictive Games
Developed and released by RockYou, Zoo World is the last entry that wraps up the list of record of top 10 Facebook games. Here social networking site users are welcomed to create grow their zoo along with training their animals with certain talents. It is a stupefying game that wakes the player’s creativity while shaping his/her zoo. Collecting zoo cash, unlocking new islands and targeting upper levels are the main features of the game.

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