Top 10 Best Freelance Websites

We human beings are an innovative bunch. When we couldn’t move around heavy stuff, we invented the wheel, when we got bored of cold food we discovered fire, when we got bored of freedom we invented the government and when we lost our jobs (thanks to the said government) we invented freelancing. Freelancing has recently become quite a trend, thanks to the constant dearth in the jobs in the market. But the trouble with freelancing is looking for clients to work for, bringing in new business is never easy. Thankfully the internet, as always, has no lack of websites that can connect you to people that might be interested in your services. We bring you the best of those sites in our list of top ten freelance websites.

Top Ten Freelance Websites

So if you’re out of a job but not out of talent, keep reading to find out the best freelance websites on the internet.

1. Elance

No.1 Top Freelance Website - Elance

Elance was initially started as a community for IT professionals but has now become a portal for freelancers. What puts Elance at the head of our list is simply the higher price and lower contractors to compete with. It is simply easier to get noticed here compared to other freelance websites. Elance provides opportunity for designers, writers, programmers and more. The initial member ship of Elance is free although there are numerous limitations. But still Elance is counted among the most reputed sites which make it easier to get jobs.

2. Guru

No.2 Top Freelance Website - Guru

Guru is another one of the big names in the freelancing world. Guru is currently connecting over 520,000freelancers to over 300,000 clients across the globe. There are all kinds of jobs available on Guru ranging from designing to programming. The site organises the jobs into categories and subcategories which makes it easier to find a job best suited to your particular skillset. It makes it quite easy to just sit and work from the comfort of your home at fixed hourly rates.

3. Freelancer

No.3 Top Freelance Website - Freelancer

This Anthill Cool Company award winner was established in 2009 and has since then provided plenty of opportunities to hordes of people across the globe. There are always projects related to designing, development, animation, mobile applications, etc. that are always available for the freelancers. Apart from these the site also features some projects for writers and such. There is however a slight hitch, almost everything on freelancer, be it taking an exam, is paid. You might feel like skipping the exam but it is always good to take them because that tells your potential clients, how serious you are about the project.

4. Project4Hire

No.4 Top Freelance Website - Project 4 Hire

This is another popular freelancing site that takes the jobs from the contractors and allots them to freelancers based on their qualifications. Project4hire, like other freelance websites has a wide spectrum of jobs available however most jobs are usually related to designing, developing and programming there is a considerable workflow of writing assignments as well.

5. oDesk

No.5 Top Freelance Website - ODesk

 oDesk is one of the most popular freelancing sites. It was established in 2005 and quickly gained popularity. oDesk connects clients and freelancers from around the world. It is a bit hard to get noticed at oDesk mostly because a single job gets about a 100 applications on an average. oDesk does however give you both beginner level and professional level jobs which you can chose according to your convenience. You can find both hourly and fixed price jobs on the site.

6. 99Designs

No.6 Top Freelance Website - 99 Designs

This is probably the best place for people who specialise in designing things from logos, banners and web pages to t-shirts.  There are always plenty of jobs available and most of them are pretty well paying. On an average, freelancers make up anywhere from $200 to $400 per project. The projects are usually posted in the form of competitions and the winning design is awarded the prize money.

7. People Per Hour

No.7 Top Freelance Website - People Per Hour

Just like the name, people per hour, provides projects with hourly and fixed rates. The payments are guaranteed so there is absolutely zero chance of you getting swindled for your efforts. This site offers some unique features like easy payment and low income threshold which make it easy for you to filter out projects. The site allows you to quote your own hourly rates and offers you facilities to make a video introduce yourself to potential clients.

8. iWriter

No.8 Top Freelance Website - iWriter

 iWriter is the best place for new or experienced writers to earn some pocket money. iWriter is mostly dedicated to projects for writers, as is obvious from the name. Freelance writers can register themselves for free and start immediately. They are allowed to choose the number of assignments per day and can earn up to $15 per article they write. The Site is an excellent platform for young and upcoming writers to get a firm holding in the field and earn some money while they’re at it.

9. SimplyHired

No.9 Top Freelance Website - Simply Hired

SimplyHired offers you a huge variety of jobs and opportunity in almost every field available.  Unlike most sites this site doesn’t just focus on Information technology related projects. Currently the site is offering over 500,000 jobs across the globe. It is probably a good place to start simply because of the variety of job opportunities. If you have a varied skill set this could be the place for you to start.

10. Fiverr

No.10 Top Freelance Website - Fiverr

Fiverr is a pretty straightforward site and requires a lot of patience from your end. All you have to do is create a ‘gig’ and post it and wait for someone to order it. The gigs are usually quite small and are finished quickly. The funds are released to you after the site makes sure the customer is satisfied. The site currently has listings of over 1 million services starting from $5 and going up to $500.

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