Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers in the World 2011

For surfing the web, it is always advisable to have a first-rate browser. Browser is something that helps us transfer oodles of data from one corners of the globe to another. It is a window to the web, where we can get information on variety of topics just from the comfort of our homes. Today, internet is a powerful medium of communication and information. It is extensively use for a wide gamut of services ranging from shopping, entertainment and information to name a few. In this case, importance of a good browser increases manifolds. The better browser you own, the better you can surf the net. Since the invention of Computer Science, many companies have introduced their browsers in the market for consumers. Here is the list that names the top 10 widely used browsers in the world.

Top Ten Most Used Web Browsers in the World

Find out more about the top ten web browsers that are widely used by people around the world to log into the internet.

1. Mozilla Firefox 4

mozilla-firefox-4 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

Firefox 4 is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Its advanced interface offers unmatched browsing delight. The 3D feature of this latest version makes it even more appealing among all the browsers available in the market. Improvements in performance, users interface and standards support are the key goals of the version.

2. Google Chrome 11

Google-Chrome-11 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

Google Chrome’s latest version, Google Chrome 11 is the second most popular web browser in the world. The latest browser makes downloading fast. It offers a wide range of amazingly captivating themes, along with other breathtaking features. The freeware web browser was initially released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2, 2008.

3. Internet Explorer 9

Interent-Explorer-9 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

IE9 positions itself at the 3rd place with the latest launches of Firefox 4 and Chrome 11, filling the first two spots. Internet Explorer 9 is exceptionally good, thanks to its outstanding features and easy interfaces. It is always considered best for Windows 7. Developed by Microsoft, it was introduced to public on 14th March, 2011.

4. Opera 9.6

Opera-9.6 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

Developed by Opera Software, Opera comes at the 4th spot in the list. Its browsing speed is superb. Opera 9.6 is equipped with many exciting features. The Most remarkable of its features is its integrated Bit-torrent client.

5. Safari Version 4

Safari-Version-4 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

Apple’s Safari 4 is one of the best browsers, and provides us with average start-up time laced with impressive navigation speed. What stand it out are its severity and compatibility and methods of protection against bugs. Along with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, it was one of the five browsers displayed on the first page of browser choices.

6. Maxthon Version 2.5

Maxthon-Version-2.5 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

It is a unique browser because of its powerful tabbed meant for users who are fed up of frequently occurred browser collapse. It fills the position of number 6 in the list of top 10 most popular web browsers in the world.

7. Avant Browser 11.7

Avant-Browser-11.7 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

It is favorite one of many users as it is widely compatible with a great deal of current web standards. Though it takes a significant amount of time to get started, Avant performs exceptionally fast once operational.

8. Phase Out 5

Phase-Out-5 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

Phase Out is a flash based browser.  It is widely known for its elegant and customizable appearance. Space Inspiring Graphics is one of the special features of this browser. It comes at the eighth position in the list.

9. Deepnet Explorer 1.5

Deepnet-Explorer-1.5 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

It claims to be the world’s first browser with a built-in RSS news reader and P2P client integration. RSS reader of Deepnet Explorer 1.5 comes embellished with many pre-installed and is easy-to-use news feeds.

10. Space Time 1.0

Space-Time-1.0 - Top 10 Most Used Web Browsers

Space Time 1.0 comes at the tenth position in the list. It is backed by a respectable amount of customer support. The browser allows the user to navigate the web in 3D mode, the way one makes use of windows in Windows Vista. Moreover it also serves best to make presentations.

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