Top 10 Business Listing Sites

Ever since the internet was made public, things have become quite convenient for pretty much everyone. Whatever you need, whenever you need it and wherever you want it, all it takes are a few swift keystrokes and voila. In the business sector, many entrepreneurs have started their own gigs and started their own sites. But with the internet being pretty much a free domain and all, everybody has their own website for their business and in that entire crowd your own business. So how do you make sure that the public is aware of your business? That’s where you need the help of your local business listings.

Top Ten Business Listing Sites

Top Ten Business Listing Sites

So if you’re looking for a local business listing site, why settle for anything but the best? Here are the Top ten business listing sites on the World Wide Web.

1. Google+Local

Google+ Local is also called Google places for business is Google’s local business directory. Google+ Local is probably one of the most credible listings on the net and widely trusted by numerous consumers. It’s fairly easy to set up your own listing on Google+ Local and the results are quite impressive. For being listed in Google+ Local you need to make your presence known on Google+, Google maps and Google webmasters tools. The process isn’t complicated and gives your site plenty of exposure while at the same time enabling Google to verify your business.

2. Yelp

Yelp is more of a user-community than a business listing and helps you target a more selected target audience. A yelp business account sends information about your business to certain categories of users it suspects would be interested in your venture. Yelp allows you to upload unlimited pictures of your business and also lets you put a link to your website on the page. It lets customers review your business and allows you to respond to those comments. All these and more reserves a spot for yelp among the best business listing sites on the internet.

3. Yahoo Local

Yahoo local is one among the many free business listings and displays your phone number, address and URL. It also gives you the option to choose up to five categories for your business. In most cases the free subscription should be enough, but if you want you can always opt for the paid subscription, which lets you see how many people have visited your Listing. The paid membership also allows you to upload one small photograph, on the business detail page and up to ten big ones on another page.

4. Bing

Having a listing on Bing is pretty much as important as having your listing on Google+ Local. Since Bing is also among one of the most used search engines, having your name come up on Bing improves the chances of your site being visited. To create a Bing account you need to first create a Hotmail account and then fill in information about your business and your contact details. The confirmation usually comes via a post card.

5. MerchantCircle

MerchantCircle is fairly popular, American Local business listing site that picks up information from the local yellow pages. In case your business is already listed you can always claim that listing and sign yourself up. MerchantCircle provides you with a pretty comprehensive dashboard and lets you add and modify details of your business. It allows you to add details like blog, sales, products and services, deals and coupons, widgets, pictures, newsletters, answers, videos and advertisements. The site also lets you network with other businesses and post a link to your website.

6. Local

Local is considered one of the fastest growing online media company in North America. Currently listing around 16 million businesses, Local enables businesses to enhance their presence on the digital media and reach out to the local market. If your business is already listed on the site you can either claim it or create an entirely new Listing absolutely free.

7. ExpressUpdateUSA

Previously known as InfoUSA, ExpressUpdateUSA directly partners with other business listings and search engines to provide information about your business. If your business is already listed you can always claim and optimise your business listing or create a new one, to improve the chances of your site getting pinged. Express update USA literally works wonders to improve the visibility your website on the internet.

8. MapQuest

Map quest is another free business listing site with an audience of its own which makes it a pretty important asset if you’re looking for targeting a more specific audience. MapQuest allows you to add details, pictures and information about your business, add parking tips and mark yourself on a map (ergo the name MapQuest).

9. InsiderPages

InsiderPages is a more focused site and is quite popular among people looking for home and garden businesses, hair and beauty services, health and medical services, auto services and pet related business listings in the United States. The live business pages include the contact information of your local business and your physical address. You can upload up to 20 pictures of your business on the site create a valuable inbound link to your site as well.

10. FourSquare

FourSquare is not your average business listing website, it is actually a mobile application and counted among the fastest growing small business mobile marketing platform. It provides free listings and connects to millions of smartphone users around the globe. FourSquare currently caters to about 25 Million users all over the world and the community keeps growing. One advantage with Foursquare is that it helps you keep track of your listings on the go.

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