Top 10 Career Building Websites

In the rat race to outperform your fellow in the professional circle, there comes a point when you might feel lost and unsure which track to follow. Since this has become a common issue for job goers, we present before you the Top 10 Career Building Websites. These innovative ideas are a product of few firms and consultants in order to revolutionize the complete placement system by launching job search engines and websites. These online sites helps move an individual towards the betterment of his career by taking small, smart and practical steps. Thus, to identify them with depths, read on the article with care.

Top Ten Career Building Websites

Know the top ten career building websites and build thriving relationship with the right person at the right moment.


1. Career Attraction

Career Attraction

Career Attraction is the best job site for those who feel lost while hunting for employment. It was the brainchild of Kevin Kermes for offering actionable and smart advices for better career results. The website comprehends well that career changeover is as specialized as the individual undertaking it and thus provides exclusive recommendations. At present, it has more than 65,000 subscribers seeking step-by-step job guidance from experts of the site.



As the name suggests, the main intension of is to offer people with a happy working culture by providing cost free job related resources by its specialists. The site maintains record of more than 700,000 company reviews along with four million salaries and 3.5 million job listings. Under its large database, the job search site posts openings and vacancies under headings such as, “The Happiest Companies to Work With” or “The Happiest for Working Dads” etc.


3. CareerBuilder


Maintaining healthy relation with over 300,000 worldwide employers and Fortune 1000 companies, CareerBuilder is the best job search site that can allow a professional to look out for top paying careers. It operates in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia. It came into existence in 1995 and since then has been one of the largest online job boards. The site attracts talent by with its refined and targeted job descriptions.


4. Career Girl Network

Career Girl Network

Aiming the women professionals of the globe, Career Girl Network puts up every month, hundreds of original articles regarding interview tactics, success formulas, personal branding and other vital tips to climb the ladder of success. To ensure effective results for business women from round the world, the in-house expertise of the website deals with valuable aggregated content. Thus it stands among the top job search engines known to the professional sphere.


5. Career Pivot

Career Pivot

Making the baby boomers its intention, Career Pivot is a renowned career building firm that specialises in presenting small and practical professional moves to quickly escalate the steps of achievement. Marc Miller is the person behind its formation as he has spent twenty two years as an active employee in IMB. The site even offers tools and assessment test to not only help individuals to figure out what they want and how to achieve them but as well to strengthen their talents, working style and career options.


6. Careers in Government

Careers in Government

Basically for the ones with a desire to serve the government or the public sector, is the top job search site to be taken for aid. Resources such as basic salary calculator, wide-ranging record of professional associates for public sector employees, ways to make use of the social media website for grabbing well paid government jobs etc are few things that have made the site one of the best. Moreover, the site has a collection of most detailed government community for careers in this arena.



A trusted source for sound professional advices, CAREEREALISM was conceived in 2009 with the aim to guide people and to put an end to their career related issues and hunt. To guarantee that its readers come across the best solutions, each article published by the online magazine is highly scrutinized and of top notched quality. It assures to encourage and enhance the readers to handle their career life in a better way.



Though initially started by a small group of professionals today it stands among the top 10 career building website as it is responsible for revolutionizing the job placement industry. With time, the site has evolved into a platform that provides effective tools and sources to make the career graph of a professional smoother than before. To make sure that the services benefit people, it even consists of a list mentioning millions of employers from across United States.


9. Careertopia is the site that one needs to approach for building effective social relationships, comprehend other professions and to grab the top paying careers. The site guides individuals to create a content working culture without the need to sacrifice who they are. Products, tools and articles are the options offered to recognize the perfect job environment. Providing more fulfillment is the core goal of Careertopia.



Last but not the least; is yet another website that is exclusively designed for full service job search and resumes writing. Lisa Rangel, an ex-executive search firm recruiter, is the main adviser and guide for the firm. The site includes free articles, high value personalized services, career links and to-do yourself resources for overall performance in one’s career.

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