Top 10 Countries with Most Facebook Users in 2012

With More than 800 million users across the globe and exceptional traffic forte, Facebook is booming quickly on Worldwide Web. Substantially, it would not be wrong to consider Facebook as an apt synonym of Social communication. With novel endeavors in expression of words and ideas, it has indeed become an incredible social networking site. Popularly known as generation F, the Facebook users are active to chat with all their friends, loved ones and also those prominent personalities whom they wish to interact. These days checking status updates and commenting on photos is as important as breathing for all its users. Apart from personal interaction it offers unique advertising opportunities for business. Cheers to its pioneering features and rich user experience which make it one of the leading websites on this planet. With all this you must be wondering, that which country has the maximum Facebook fans? Without wasting any more time let’s check out list of Top 10 countries with most Facebook Users

List of Countries with Most Facebook Users

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Brazil
  5. Mexico
  6. Turkey
  7. Britain
  8. Philippines
  9. France
  10. Germany

List of Facebook Users by Country

1. United States – 152 million
U.S tops the list with maximum number of Facebook users. With an average growth of 5% every year in user data, the country hasn’t moved from its position since last two years. It’s interesting to know that more than 50% of the country’s total population uses this site to connect worldwide.

2. India – 43.2 million
With a population crossing a good 1 billion figure, India is a developing country in many aspects. But surprisingly the country is far ahead in Internet and technology segment. Amongst the total country users, individuals aged 18 – 24 are more active in this social site.

3. Indonesia – 43.1 million
At number three we have Indonesia. Among the total population of more than 200 million, the teenagers between 18-24 years are leading the networking segment. Remarkably, 43.1 million Indonesians have proved themselves as one of the biggest Facebook fans.

4. Brazil – 37.9 million
When we talk about the Face book users, Brazilians have shown tremendous vigor. In 2010, the user rate was merely around 8,821,880 but in just a year the data has mounted to good 35,154,500 users. It ranked 17th last year but has shown out of the way growth by scoring 4th rank this year.

5. Mexico – 32.1 million
Thanks to all teenage Mexicans, the country has achieved 5th rank in the list of top ten Facebook users. However, in a population of 100 million, around 30% of the people are active on the site. Mexicans have substantiated themselves in the record of 100% active account holders as they are most frequent openers.

6. Turkey – 31.1 million
33.6% of the total Turkish teens have contributed in the ranking of the country. However, the decline in the male and female user ratio have brought its ranking from no. 4 to no. 6. Out of 88.9% of online audience, the average male and female ratio is 63.3 to 36.7 respectively.

7. Britain – 30 million
Though, Britain has fallen four places down, it has an interesting user data. Facebook is targeting more of youths worldwide, but with 25.5% user rate the age group 25-32 has left the teenagers behind by 1%. 5.93% of its total audience is always engaged in the networking site.

8. Philippines – 28 million
Philippines is the smallest nation among all the listed countries. Though smallest, its user rate is most promising. Out of 90 million people, around 25% have created their accounts and 91.80% of the country’s teenage users are always engaged in Facebook happenings.

9. France – 23.1 million
The user data of France is unique from all the enumerated nations. Though 54.5% of the country’s population is consistently online but only 20-23.2% of the users are engaged in Facebook activities. This states that amongst the population of 65 million, majority of its users do not update their status regular basis.

10. Germany – 22.1 million
With more than 8 million user accounts in past one year, Germans have commendably connected with friends all over the world. It is very interesting to know that with tech-savvy inhabitants and a population of around 80 million, the country has entered the top 10 list for the first time.

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