Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

What are Chrome Extensions? The answer lies within the question. They are minor software programs that help in enhancing and modifying the speed and functionality of Google Chrome’s browser, and are written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS technologies. They are user-friendly, and don’t provide any sort of interruption while working. Unlike others, Extensions are non-dependent on web content, and bundle all their files together into a single box.

Google Chrome is the most used, popular and widely known Web browser universally, and allows an accessible and sleek operation, a user-friendly interface and mobile syncing compatibility. With an ample amount of extensions that can be added to the Google’s list, there is no harm trying few that can blow your mind off. Browsing them on Google Web Store will give you a diverse insight about how technology has progressed and has helped the users making their browsing experience easy and entertaining. So, here presenting is a short list of Top 10 Extensions for Chrome which can modify your working experience and will give you a faster and amusing surfing experience. Get rid of that old, boring Google Chrome by adding some of the beneficial yet witty extensions present on the store.

Note: Extensions tend to slow down your browser’s speed, so make sure to install what you think is useful.


Top 10 Chrome Extensions


1. 1Password


Said to be the top most amongst the Best Chrome Extensions is 1Password, which signs up as an essential component in password management software compatible for Windows and Mac. Instead of memorizing every password for every login you do, create a one-time secure password for every site with 1Password. Fill out the registration forms, or credit/debit card details with ease and under secure premises with 1Password.

We gave you a good escape route, didn’t we?


2. Earth View from Google Maps

Earth View from Google Maps

Earth View’s new tab screen doesn’t sparkle much with rising features, but it might take your breath away with angled satellite-captured photos from around the globe in front of your eyes. Every time you open a tab, you will be mesmerised with a random location persisting on Earth. The extension allows you to discover some of the hidden places streaming on Earth representing utmost natural beauty and wonders of nature.


3. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

From the list of Top 10 Chrome Extensions is Evernote Web Clipper, which turns out to be very useful while researching and assorting information. Web Clipper goes beyond the basic copy-pasting of links and information, and allows you to mark and interpret pages, save simplified reading articles, construct summary links or snap an image of the entire page with just a click. One doesn’t have to worry about the lost links, as everything is saved online. Check out its features and


4. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, & Slides

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, & Slides

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides come under the category of Best Chrome Extensions 2016, and have established itself as a very productive tool. With the Office Editing extension, one can access the .DOC, .XLS or .PPT documents while working on Microsoft Office, can view, edit and save them straight via Google Drive. It gives you an escape route for converting the documents into Google’s format first and then saving to its original file extension, saving ample time.


5. Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow

Distractions are bound to happen when you browse online or are working intensely. Install Strict Workflow the very next time the urge arises for a sneak peek into your Facebook profile which forces you to give your 25 minutes of work before going for a 5-minute break. The key is to blacklist certain websites which easily distracts you after the installation. Through this extension, you will spend more mind-power into your work and will deliver better outputs.


6. Xmarks Bookmark Sync

Xmarks Bookmark Sync

Xmarks Bookmark Sync serves amongst the Best Extensions for Chrome, and is very helpful for those who tend to switch between browsers. This extension supportsChrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and allows you to sync certain search engines while bouncing from one to another.

Looks promising? Try it then!


7. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

Well, this is a good one! This extension will help you brush up your vocabulary while helping you identify certain words and its meanings. After installation, just a double click on any word in a web page will provide a pop-up with the accurate definition provided. Select the extension button for a full dictionary and add any definition you find interesting or useful. Go ahead and add this to your Chrome Extension list for a useful reading!


8. Weather Watcher Live

Weather Watcher Live

Said to be a hit amongst the Google Chrome Best Extensions, Weather Watcher Live comes forward as an accessible widget helping you clear all the clutters of the main weather
websites. The easiest way to accommodate with this tool is by jotting down your zip code, selecting a nearby weather station and getting updated results and details about the current temperature and the weather along with instant daily and hourly forecasts and sub-standard meteorology. This tool comes in handy and is intensely cooperative.


9. Pic2Pixlr


Pic2Pixlr has been useful software for someone who downloads and edits a lot of graphic images and pictures. Install the extension, right click on the picture and select the option “open with pic2pixlr”, directing you into Pixlr’s suite comprising of free editing tools. It enables saving time, efforts and continuous downloading-editing-uploading.


10. Momentum


Well, bored of the normal Chrome tab screen? The new extension “Momentum” is here to get you out of your boredom misery. Providing motivation, it replaces the default screen with an inspiringly beautiful background, current time, an inspirational saying and a “Main Focus” which can be edited by you. Just a look at it can refresh your mind, and will provide encouragement to work passionately.

A very good option to start your day with! Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

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