Top 10 Google Doodles of All Time

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Google Doodles of all time

Top 10 Most Popular Google Doodles

Everybody knows what Google Doodles are! They are an artistic and inventive version of the Google Logo, designed as a tribute or to honor numerous occasions like significant holidays, birth/death anniversaries, or current on-going events. While some doodles were confined to Google’s specifically targeted home pages, other went viral all over the world.

A lot of sketching, concept art and modeling are required before finalizing any draft. One can learn a lot more about history and events with just a click. Doodles are fun, bright and colorful and very unique in their own peculiar ways. Apart from bringing a smile on the viewer’s face, it periodically remarks the occurrence of numerous significant events with a sharp eye.

With over 2000+ doodles being created till now, let’s pick out some of the top 10 Most Famous Google Doodles of All Time which blew people’s minds with its interactive approach. Animations, games, and quests- we have it all for you! Here is a quick list-

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