Top 10 Movie Streaming Sites

For many of us, movie streaming sites have taken the place in between sitting in front of our favourite show and making a move for a DVD. Moreover these sites have even become the entertainment sources for the internet guys. With free and on demand services, now-a-days some of the movies streaming sites have grabbed the position more popular and preferable than many of the social networking sites. But then here comes the big question. Which of these sites can be seriously rated as the best movie streaming site? To know the answer with details, just keep scrolling down.

Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Keep reading about the top ten movies streaming sites to download your next movie from any one of these.

1. Netflix

Netflix - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Possessing 33.1 million subscribers in the United States along with other 36 million worldwide followers, Netflix has a solid reputation as a popular online movie streaming sites. It was introduced in 1997 with its headquarters in Los Gatos, California. In 2009 it had offered a selection of 100,000 titles on DVD by surpassing 10 million subscribers. The provider of on-demand Internet streaming media put forwards its mixed bag of movies and original shows to followers via Internet streaming as well as through US mail.

2. Youtube

Youtube - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Despite being introduced in 2005, today YouTube is known to have a firm grip over the internet due to its ease of integration on various content platforms as well its ubiquity across Google sites. It is also the best movie streaming site preferred by millions from all corners of the globe. The video-sharing website was conceived by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim – ex employees of PayPal and is currently based in San Bruno, California. Apart from media corporations such as the BBC, Hulu, CBS and Vevo, most of the website’s contents are uploaded by registered individuals.

3. Hulu

Hulu - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Hulu is a favourite of many video streamers as it allows its user to get hold of the most recently aired television show along with other videos and movies that have been a topic of discussion among the public.  The over-the-top (OTT) subscription service is exclusive to users from Japan, the United States and its overseas territories. The website was designed with the intension of letting people enjoy premium video whenever and wherever they want to.

4. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Offered by, Amazon Instant Video is an Internet video on demand service provider that provides films and television shows on purchase as well as rental. It came into existence in 2006 as Amazon Unbox and in 2008 it was renamed with the current tag. It is also supported by a number of Blu-ray players and TVs including the recently launched LG and Samsung models. With the support of AirPlay, it is compatible with Apple TV and even has an app for iOS devices.

5. Crackle

crackle - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Focused on hand picked Hollywood movies and television shows, Crackle is equipped with videos that are delivered unedited and uncut. Backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, the online distributor of videos has soon become one of the best free movie streaming sites. Like many of its competitors, even Crackle is well known for offering original programs from genres such as comedy, drama, sci-fi, action, crime and horror. The company was founded in 2007 July.

6. Veoh

Veoh - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

With base in San Diego, California; Veoh has been devised to note and watch major studio content, user-generated material and independent productions. It is a subsidiary of Israeli start-up Qlipso and was launched during 2006 by Dmitry Shapiro. The site has maintained a popularity with its user contributed content that are not only catchy but are also creative. It also support with content from reputed media companies such ABC, Viacom’s MTV Networks, FEARNet, TV Guide, CBS, The WB, ESPN and US Weekly among others.

7. Metacafe

Metacafe - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Being smoother, cleaner and less cluttered; Metacafe has made itself a space among the top 10 movie streaming sites. Leading movie studios, broadcast and cable TV networks, sports leagues, video game publishers and music labels are some of its marquee content providers. Every month the website maintains a record of 13 million unique viewers and 53 million video streamers from the US, besides the 40 million worldwide users.

8. Solar Movie

Solar Movie - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Viewers and users are quickly introduced with the most popular movies by the picture chart provided by the site. The best news about the movie streaming site is that they never fail to mention the last film in their collection. Moreover it attaches a number of sample videos of the concerning movies along with their user rate to allow the onlooker to have an idea of what they should go for.

 9. Vimeo

Vimeo - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

A direct competitor to the much renowned YouTube, Vimeo is another online movie streaming site with the options of upload, view and share. Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick were the ones responsible for its creation with its headquarters in New York City. The website is supported by the major languages such as English, German, Spanish and French in order to attract worldwide viewers. By introducing support for high definition playback of 1280×720 (720p) on 9th October, 2007; Vimeo has become the first video sharing site to maintain consumer HD.

10. Watch Movies

watch movies - Top Ten Movie Streaming Sites

Watch Movies is the last entry into the record of top 10 movie streaming sites. The site is notorious for a large collection of movies that can be easily surfed just by entering the keywords. One can even select movies according to the type or the genre they adore. Additionally it is also backed up with movie links leading to other sites, thus creating enough room for movie resources. The site’s home page offers basic information concerning the movies, offering a quick overview of the searched film.

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  1. Ashish Rajput

    personally i preffer netflix over youtube. They might charge a little something but their collection is better. And also they dont try to force me to get google plus. Stop trying to make google plus happen YouTube


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