Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

With the progression of internet and Smartphone, the current generation has been gifted with some of the stupefying online music stores. These are based on music that is most popular among music lovers. Whether you tune in to their musical numbers online or offline, the common thread of interest connects the artist with the listener. Few of them also provide the facility for music composers to upload their fresh creativity and share among users. Let us surf into the write up to identify the complete record of top 10 online music stores.

Top Ten Best Online Music Stores

Check out if you favourite music app is a part of top ten online music stores.

1. Rdio

Rdio-Music-Site - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

Available in a total of 19 nations through iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone mobile devices; Rdio can play streaming music or cache songs for offline playback. The founders of Skype – Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström are also the ones behind the creation of the awesome online music store. Rdio is basically a ad-free music subscription service launched in the United Kingdom during August 2010.

2. Soundcloud

Soundcloud Music Store - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

Since Soundcloud was initially instigated as a medium for music composers to share their compositions, now it serves as the platform for listeners with a smooth interface and mobile apps and easy sharing. What makes it a craze among listeners is the fact that it allows music lovers to tune in to songs that has not been yet released. The online studio is based in Berlin and at present, it is one of the top 10 online music stores. It is also progressively becoming a popular music discovery tool intended at web addicts looking to enlarge their range of music tastes.

3. Shazam

Shazam Music - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

Shazam takes in the credit for linking over 300 million people across 200 countries belonging to 33 different languages through music, brands and TV shows that they appreciate. Ever since it was started in 2002, it has become the latest trend to stay engaged with media. The app is accessible on all the leading application stores and platforms. The online music store also allows users to get into details about the songs they love.

4. LastFm

LastFm Music Store - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2002, LastFm had hit the bull’s eye by claiming 30 million active users by March 2009. The online music store comes with a music recommender system – Audioscrobbler which creates a detailed sketch of the user’s taste of music. LastFm offers free of cost service for the listeners of United Kingdom, Germany and the United States while tuners from Ireland, Canada, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand needs to subscribe its service.

5. TuneIn

TuneIn-Music-Site - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

With more than 70,000 live worldwide radio stations from every continent, TuneIn deserves the fifth position among the top 10 online music stores. Apart from live music, it also presents concerts, podcast and interviews. It has managed to win a large fan following as offers music lovers the privilege to listen their favourite number via their mobile internet service, without even downloading a separate app for it.


Spotify-Music-Store - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

Spotify is the most popular online music store with large range of user-friendly and feet tapping library of songs. A Swedish start-up called Spotify AB launched the music site during October 2008 and by the year 2010 it had almost 10 million users. As days passed by, Spotify gained its popularity among its users and by the end of 2012 it had garnered 20 million users. Currently it is available in Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, Linux, BlackBerry, Telia Digital-tv, Windows Mobile, webOS, Squeezebox, Windows Phone, Boxee, WD TV and few more.

7. eMusic

eMusic-Store - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

An online music and audio-book store, Rdio can be operated only through subscription. It was founded towards the end of the last century with its headquarters in New York City. It has a reputation for being the first site to trade music in the MP3 format. eMusic has also been rated with top points for listening to  alternative music.

8. Amazon MP3

Amazon-MP3-Store - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

Owned and operated by, Amazon MP3 allows users to tune in offline to their beloved numbers, either stored in their mobiles or by downloading them. Initially it was released in the United States and gradually with its popularity it was introduced in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Japan. Its application is available in Blackberry, T-Mobile G1, Android and Droid Smartphones.

9. Deezer

Deezer-Music-Store - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

Allowing music lovers to stay tuned online as well as offline, Deezer is based in France with music streaming services. At present it can boast of over 25 million licensed tracks, more than 30,000 radio channels and 30 million users among whom 4 million are paying subscribers. It operates across 182 nations. No doubt it has a position among the top 10 online music stores in the world. Deezer is meant for having unlimited music in one’s pocket no matter wherever he goes.

10. iPlayer Radio

iPlayer-Radio-Store - Top 10 Online Music Stores in the World

iPlayer radio offers the privilege to browse through all the BBC digital radio stations just by gyrating a wheel with your thumb. The online music store makes sure that listeners experience the best of musical notes. The software app was initially adapted for android and iOS and in 2011 it made inclusion of programs from various broadcasters along with some other added features for complete mobile platform.

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