Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Though there are hundreds of different travel websites available across the globe, none can bet the ones mentioned here by us. These are the best travel websites to save you money without letting loose the perfect vacation package. Whether it is reservation of flight, booking of hotels and lodges or grabbing the most preferable tour package; these ten sites have been offering travellers and holidaymakers with memorable trips at the cheapest known rates. So, know the top 10 travel websites to save your money.

Top Ten Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Make use of the top ten travel websites mentioned here to save your money while planning your next vacation.

1. AirfareWatchdog

AirfareWatchdog - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

A part of the Smarter Travel Media Network, AirfareWatchdog is the best travel website for holidaymakers who are ready to make deals at the drop of a hat. In order to facilitate the site’s users with discount offers and snag promotional codes, it signs up with various reward programs. Moreover, the site has dedicated professionals who are always on look out for fare sales on airline websites. This allows customers to avail the most economic deal available. AirfareWatchgod was created by consumer issues specialised travel journalist name George Hobica.

2. Bing Travel

Bing-Travel - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Bing Travel is the most appropriate website to grab the cheapest airfare to any destinations in the world. The users are guided with a list of flight options as soon as one enters his location. Furthermore the site even alerts if there is an expected drop in any flight fare. This service is available to only certain metropolises, coach flights, round-trips, specific time frames in relation to one’s departure and arrivals. The travel website was launched on 15th September, 2010.


Homeaway - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Regarded as the perfect source for vacation rentals, stands true to its name by offering its users with the list of best rental homes and apartments from across 190 nations. Whether it is for groups or family, the website has some of the most wide-ranging selection of rentals including condos, villas, farm houses, cabins, castles and barns. It has its headquarter in Austin and was founded in 2005 February. Austin Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Trident Capital, Institutional Venture Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures are the venture companies that help the company with funding.

4. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Providing with millions of well established as well as amateur reviews on hotels from the United States and the other nations, TripAdvisor is the most renowned hotel review website. Here one can even do filter search for lodges and hotels based on value, business, luxury, family and romance. The site is operated by TripAdvisor Media Group along with other popular online travel sites. Stephen Kaufer and Langley Steinert along with few others have stated the site in 2000 February.

5. Expedia

Expedia - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Being the best online travel site, Expedia is localized around 30 counties Including the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Canada. Through it, travels can make reservations for flights, rental cars, vacation packages, hotels, cruises and other attractive travel services. It was created by Lloyd Frink and Rich Barton in 2001. The site offers its services with the help of multiple global distribution systems such as Sabre and Amadeus reservation systems for hotels and flights.


Kayak - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Operated by the KAYAK Software Corporation, the hunts hundreds of online sources for the cheapest price available. Holidaymakers with the flexibility of destination and date can always avail some of the most reasonable travel deals. Moreover one can even scan the destination through a world map to filter out the best destinations under a specified range. The site as well allows the user to specify his preferred flight, weather and vacation activities. Paul M. English and Steve Hafner were the ones responsible for the birth of the site in 2004.


Homeexchange - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Started as a printed, mail book by Ed Kushins in 1992, today has grew up to become one among the top travel websites with the goal to connect like-minded holidaymakers to travel at cheap rates and live like locals in various parts of the globe. The site which is popular for swapping homes and apartments is managed by a team of 50 enthusiastic professionals belonging to 21 nationalities.


Hotels - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

With 85 websites in 34 languages to serve the purpose of online hotel reservations, is yet another best online travel site for saving money while taking advantage of great deals. Initially when it was established in 1991, it was known as Hotel Reservations Network (HRN) and later in 2002 took the current name. A limited partnership located in Dallas – LP is the operator of the travel site. The idea of was conceived by Robert Deiner and David Litman

9. Travel Supermarket

Travel-Supermarket - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Offering a wide range of holiday packages, Travel Supermarket can be credited for unbeatable comparison of hotels, flights and rental cars. Keeping a note of traveller’s preference, the travel website has displays packages starting from romantic-paradise island trip, weekend city break to summer beach getaways. The site guides users to get hold of cheaper deals and enjoy their vacation to the fullest.


hotwire - Top 10 Travel Websites to Save Your Money

Targeted on low prices of flights, hotels, vacation packs and rental cars; is a discount travel website with its headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The website was launched in 2000 by Karl Peterson, Gregg Brockway, Eric Grosse and Spencer Rascoff. makes use of all the unsold deals, packages, hotel bookings and flight reservations and offers them at a quite cheaper rate. No doubt it is one among the top 10 travel websites to save your money.

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