Top 10 Photo Editing Websites

Since the contemporary era is dominated by visual communication, photo editing websites have turned out to be a boon where photo hobbyist can create impressive images with end number of tools and features. Starting from Phixr, Adobe Photoshop Express to GIMP there are few online photo editing websites that have caught the attention of many. Read on to know the features for which they have been ranked as the top 10 photo editing websites.

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites

Selected, based on advanced tools and popularity, mentioned below are the top ten photo editing websites.

1. Phixr

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites- Phixr

The best online photo editor for iPhone and iPad, Phixr comes loaded with basic as well as advanced photo editing features such as adding speech bubbles, clipart, red eye removal, crop resize, colour adjustment, addition of text etc. There are even tools to sharpen and soften pictures. Here one can upload their preferred pictures, edit them with hundreds of options and send them to their family, friends or any photo sharing sites.

2. PicMonkey

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - PicMonkey

 PicMonkey is the brainchild of Justin Huff and Brian Terry, former engineers. The online photo editing service took birth during 2012 when Google decided to shut down Picnik two years after acquisition. It is more powerful, swifter and user friendly as compared to and has been ranked among the leading free editing websites. While few of its features are similar to Picnic, it has also been designed with advanced traits such as image filters and curves. PicMonkey is headquartered in Seattle, United States.

3. Sumopaint

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - Sumopaint

Sporting image navigator, layers, toolbar and swatches, Sumopaint can handle much more than simply cropping and readjusting. Moreover, extensive features such as blending modes, drop shadow and outer glow make it a better photo editing website than its competitors. For people inclined towards abstract painting can make use of its Gravity Tool for perfect effects. The online image editor is even backed up with the option of drag and drop image.

4. LunaPic

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - LunaPic

Popular among photo hobbyists, photo sharers and social networkers, LunaPic has a better usage over mouse-enabled laptops and stationary PCs. Besides, being geared with JPG, PNG, MPG, RM, GIF, BMP, AVI and FLV, the online photo editing website has been ranked among the best in terms of video and image file formats. It also allows its users to get back to any of the point of their development while editing an image and undo or alter changes if required.

5. FotoFlexer

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - FotoFlexer

Supported with expensive software, FotoFlexer is one amid the most advanced picture editing websites. Introduced by Arbor Labs, the free online image editor can be the best friend while improving the appearances of digital photos. It has been designed with numerous features and tools to edit and save picture directly from it to other social media and photo sharing sites. This is main reason why it is famous among people who have weaknesses for internet and social networking sites.

6. iPiccy

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - ipiccy

Brought into existence by Picnik fans, with the help of iPiccy one can not only simply edit their photos but can also add texts, effects and stickers on them. Here interested users can even choose the option for online painting. With a variety of photo retouching tools, it offers users with everything that he/she may require while creating the perfect picture.

7. BeFunky

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - BeFunky

Applicable on both, mobile devices as well as web platforms, BeFunky permits an individual to apply and edit effects and frames to any image file. Pinhole, cyanotype, sketch, oil painting and pop art are some of its added effects that might not be available in other photo editing websites. Web public can use the application through the developer’s website and for mobile users, they need to possess an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any Android based Smartphone and tablets.


Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - Gimp

GNU Image Manipulating Program or plainly GIMP, is an editing cum image retouching tool which was launched under the LGPLv3. Additionally,it has separately tailored versions for most operating systems like OS X, Linux and Microsoft Window. Here one can even create animated images such as MPEG and GIF with the help of an animation plug-in. Available in fifty two different languages, GIMP was released seventeen yeras ago in 1996.

9. Adobe Photoshop Express

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - Adobe-Photoshop-Express

Frequently used to edit photos on social media networking sites and blogs, Adobe Photoshop Express is a Flash-based image editing web application from Adobe. During 2011, Adobe has even introduced a version that can be used in Android Smartphone and iPhone and by 2013 for Windows 8. The film strip view which is offered at the bottom of the editor of the adjustment tools is the best thing about the application.

10. Fotor

Top Ten Photo Editing Websites - Fotor

Starting from resizing a photo, adjust its lighting curve, cropping, regulating brightness, sharpness and tone to straightening a crooked shot, Fotor can afford all the image editing features that an ardent photo editor will look for. Added to it, users can even has options to choose various photo effects, photo frames, text and clip art. For deeper browser integration, it also has a Chrome extension.

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