Top Ten Social Media Management Tools

In a world that relies almost completely entirely on the internet for almost every single aspect of its existence, it would be a monumental blunder to not exploit this avenue to its absolute potential. Most Corporations use a horde of social media websites to make their online presence a little more substantial. But thanks to the sheer number of the said social media sites, managing them all becomes a bit of a hassle. Social media management tools are a little something that some enterprising minds have come up with to make that hassle go away. It is only natural for you to want to use the best Social media management tools available, so we went and made your search a little easier and compiled a list of the top ten Social media management tools from around the web.

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

So here are the best social media management tools to manage your presence on Facebook, Twitter and pretty much every other social networking site sprouting in all sorts of sordid corners of the World Wide Web.

1. HootSuite

Hootsuite - Top Social Media Management Tools

One dashboard, several websites and amazing results; that pretty much sums up HootSuite in a couple of words. HootSuite is quite a well acclaimed website known and used by drones of corporations all across the globe. HootSuite allow businesses all across the globe to simultaneously launch and manage their campaigns on all the social media websites. It also allows you to measure your campaign results, offers advanced analytics and even lets you track conversations. HootSuite also offers connectivity via your mobile phones or other web devices.

2. Buffer

Buffer - Top Social Media Management Tools

You know how sometimes you go for a vacation and you end up not being able to constantly post updates on the social networking sites. Well Buffer is pretty much the answer to your prayers. Apart from the usual social media management stuff, Buffer lets you queue up posts to be posted throughout the day even when you’re on that much needed vacation. On a side note, it is extremely vital that you maintain your virtual presence and that means constantly update your campaign on social media websites.

3. SocialOomph

Socialoomph - Top Social Media Management Tools

SocialOomph stands completely true to its name and provides all the oomph you need for a successful online presence. SocialOomph provides you with an arsenal of functions for social network websites. The functions include, scheduling tweets, tracking keywords and viewing mentions and re-tweets and a host of other functions. SocialOomph saves you all the trouble of logging in and logging out on and off all the social networking websites again and again.

4. TweetDeck

TweetDeck - Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

TweetDeck is more of a browser based app for chrome based browsers. This makes this tool all the more functional since you pretty much log in as soon as you open your browser. TweetDeck provides almost all the functionality of the other tools, like tracking your tweets and re-tweets, scheduling tweets, etc. TweetDeck however is more concerned with twitter and not so much focused on other social networks.

5. NutshellMail

nutshellmail - Top Social Media Management Tools

NutshellMail is also one of the many aggregated social networking portals that allow you to update, respond to and track your tweets and any subsequent re-tweets. Just like other social media management tools, NutshellMail also takes away all that extra hassle of logging in to 20 different websites, and gives you complete access from a single and extremely comprehensive dashboard.

6. SocialFlow

socialflow - Top Social Media Management Tools

SocialFlow is the tool to use if you want to track an entire demographic of your target audience. Social Flow allows you to track real time conversations on the social media so that you can publish your article at the best time possible so that your article gets peak attention from our target audience. SocialFlow is actually the best way to track the interest of the public and transform them into a potential audience.

7. SproutSocial

sproutsocial - Top Social Media Management Tools

Like most other tools Sprout social also provides a consolidated mailbox and helps you manage and maintain your presence on every possible social networking site under the sun removing the hassle of remembering your passwords and at the same time saving those valuable minutes you might spend on signing in and out of the given sites. SproutSocial can also be accessed by your mobile phones and other web devices.

8. SocialBro

socialbro - Top Social Media Management Tools

SocialBro is more of a research tool than a social media management tool, and helps you track and analyse the general temperature of the public based on the current trends. It also helps you track the activities of your competition and tells you the best possible time to post your article so that it can get the most attention by the audience.

9. CrowdBooster

CrowdBooster - Top Social Media Management Tools

CrowdBooster is a total no-nonsense analytics tool that more or less makes suggestions along with providing you with proper resources to boost your online engagement. CrowdBooster also makes recommendations for audience insights and content scheduling to optimise the total impact your post might have on your targeted audience.

10. Zapier

Zapier - Top Social Media Management Tools

Zapier is pretty much like a bot, you tell it what to do and how many times to do it and it will not rest till the task is complete. Zapier is an excellent choice if your work involves mundane and repetitive tasks between multiple social platforms. Zapier also lets you to sync multiple web apps that you’ve been working on.  So if you’re looking for ways to look of to remove the repetitiveness out of your work.

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